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The Madeline Hunter Model of Mastery Learning

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Here are some notes I'd like to share on Mastery Learning.

1. Anticipatory Set

The teacher focuses the students' thoughts on to what will be learned. (Tie in yesterday's lesson with today's lesson. Get them interested.)

2. Objective and Purpose

Students learn more effectively when they know what they are supposed to be learning and why. Teachers also teach more effectively when they have the same information. (Tell what/how/why/ the students are going to learn.)

3. Input

The new knowledge, process or skill must be presented to the students in the most effective manner. This could be through discovery, discussion, reading, listening, observing, etc.

4. Modeling

It is important for the students to "see" what they are learning. It helps them when the teacher demonstrates what is to be learned.

5. Checking for Understanding

It is important to make sure the students understand what was presented. One way this can be done is by asking the students questions.

6. Guided Practice

The students practice the new learning under direct teacher supervision.

7. Independent Practice

When the teacher is sure the students understand the new material, they assign independent practice.

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