Melissa's Myriad

My Philosophy of Education

I believe all children can learn. How quickly they learn depends upon the ability of the child, and the effectiveness of the teacher. It is the teacher's responsibility to be well versed in the subject they are teaching. An effective teacher is also aware of different learning styles, and respects the diversity of their students. It is the student's responsibility to take an active part in their education, learning about the world around them to the best of their ability. The teacher guides the student through experiences that enable the student to think, reach their own conclusions, and apply what they have learned. The goal is to help students develop skills to become fully functional citizens.

Art education is more than "cut and paste". It provides opportunities for students to develop higher level thinking skills and original problem solving skills. It has a positive effect on achievement in other subject areas. In addition, art education teaches cultural and global awareness, imagery learning, verbal and non-verbal communication, and other skills that students can use daily to reach their potentials.

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