Our First Grade Backpack

For Primary Teachers

Here are some sites that might help in building your units on the following:



Butterfly World  
Monarch Watch  
Journey North  
Butterflies at the Field Museum  
All About Butterflies  information can be share with kids
Butterfly School  pictures, information, and more
Katerpillars and Mystery Bugs  
The Butterfly Collection  Lots of great links
Monarch  listen to the answers
Butterfly and Moth Print Outs  good pictures
Butterfly Math Coloring Page
Butterfly Pictures  great photos of many kinds
Butterfly coloring pages  The life cycle
Butterfly Optical Illusion  This would be a great activity to do with an older buddy class.
Symmetry  Make a simple balancing butterfly.
Where Do Butterflies Come From  This is a great visual art project that will help children remember.

Other Insects

Arthropod Museum  cool pictures
Bee Eye  See the way the bee sees
Coloring Pictures  
Insect Print Outs  simple pictures
Insect Clipart  
Insect Dominoes

Print these out, cut and combine math with your insect study.

Teacher Stuff for Butterflies and Insects

Butterfly Gallery  lots of great pictures
Caterpillars, Butterflies   great poems and song
Now You See It  print out the patter and create an optical illusion
Create Your Own Butterfly Picture Books  Get an idea from the example.
Food to Grow On  an interesting lesson with lots of tie-ins
Very Cool bugs  great pictures to share with the class
Using Live Insects in the Classroom  
UA Center for Insects  
Butterflies  a great idea for a unit
Three Basic Lessons about Insects for Young Children  
What's Bugging You?  ideas for lesson plan
Spider Art  
Insect/Spider Worksheets  several really good ones for varying grade levels
Spiders  songs and poems about them
The Legend of the Christmas Spider  
Make a Spider Glider  
Spiders  an integrated lesson
Bug Fun  art projects and more
Bug Jester  fun things to share with the kids
Minibeast Folklore  


Kids Domain
Celebrate Earth Day with Lorax
Color Your World  many pages are environment related.
Grocery Bag project This was a national thing last year, but it might be a good art project
Crabby Kathy - a story about the environment
Sharon Finds the Environment - a cute story
Woodsy Coloring Sheets - cute coloring pictures
Nature Recyclers Coloring Book - Adobe Acrobat Reader needed
Experiments  lots of things to do to promote recycling
Rain Bird Rainforest Activities - good activities by grade level


Weather Experiments and Activities

Background and More

Weather Coloring Books for Children - print them out to help students learn
Clouds and Precipitation - good pictures
Cloud Boutique - picture and information
Weather Map -lots of real time maps available

Lesson Plans

Cloud and Sky Watcher - become aware of the different colors of the sky and clouds
Windy Things to Make - would be a good activity with an older buddy class or home project


Bat Research - a primary lesson plan
Animal Communities -find out about an animal community in Africa
Animal Houses - from Dragonfly magazine
Habitat Design Project - design your own project for older students could be adapted
Neighborhoods - lots of links
Habitats - explore
Animal Information Database - from Sea World
Animals, Myths & Legends - easily adapted
Backyard Animal Habitats
Information Sheets - on using live animals in the classroom
Arthropods at Home design a healthy habitat and observe
Biome, Habitat, and Ecosystem Resources - links to lots of sites
Animals - the animal web page of this site has great coloring pages and more


Pete & Barb's Penguin Pages - there are more than 150 of them packed with good information
Penguin Picture to Color  a good one
Penguin Links  lots of information and a live cam too
Penguins  songs and poems about them
Mrs. Bee's Antarctic Pages  activities and links
Penguin Adaptation  background and ideas
Penguin  information sheet to color
Paper Mache Penguin  the directions
Antarctic Outline Map  a blackline master to print
Count the Penguins
Penguins in Education - lots of age appropriate ideas for the classroom

Children's Story  The classic tales might be hard for the students to read, but they will enjoy it when an adult reads to them.
Story Telling Ideas  20 activities that you can use or adapt
Fairy Tale  Links to lots of the classics


Primary Math - great lessons on geometry and measurement
Teachers First  
A to Z Teachers Stuff  
Blue Web'n Learning Library  
Baltimore Curriculum Project Lesson Plan Index


Perfect images for newsletters, fun worksheets, web pages, and more.

Download Gallery - This is a huge searchable gallery from Microsoft with many appropriate pieces of clip art.
Teachers Net Clipart  basic images
Bry-Back Manor Clipart  lots of categories and good for holidays
Teacher Files: Clipart  by category
Kid's Domain Clipart Index  many great images for young kids and school
Paper Tiger ClipArt  vintage black & white images
Coop's Teacher Graphics  original and colorful
Grandma George's Graphics  cute country images - Clip Art  a large collection of varied images
Holiday Graphics  huge list of links organized by holiday
Kids Domain:Holidays  There is a link to great clip art for each of the holidays and activities
Clips Ahoy: School - categorized for ease of use
Animal Clipart  images and links to sites
PageWorks  superior animated graphics for web pages


Certificates  for different occasions
Free Certificates  cute and kid friendly
Good Citizen Certificate  free to print
Certificates  a few basic ones
Certificate Creator  many choices
Awards for Children  lots of great choices
Not Just for Kids Certificates  cute warm fuzzies
Awards and Certificates  beautiful ones from Jan Brett
Black Dog's Awards and Congratulations  more good awards to send
Awards and Certificates - from Teachervision
Billy Bear's Free Certificates  You can create your own.
Awards - choose and print
Certificates  Basic black and white and easy to print
World's Great Dad Award  perfect to give
Coupons for Mom  great as a gift
World's Greatest Mom Award  just right for Mother's Day
Greatest Mom Award  print this out
Promise Coupons  for Mother's day
How to Make a Pop Up Card  great for an award message

Flash Card Creator  Choose the operation and the range and print.
Personal Educational Press  Here is a place where you can make your own personalized flash cards, bingo cards, and much more.
Activity Pages - over 200 from which to choose
Tutorial World - organized by grade level
Writing Paper - choose a theme or plain to print
Printable Worksheets - many different choices
Dositey Worksheets - for math and language arts
Quality Teacher Resources - organized by year and subject
Lessons and Reproducible - organized by grade level from Scholastic
Superkids Worksheet Creator - choose from various types
Grade 1 Worksheets - choose from math and spelling which you can use or create your own
Math Worksheet Generator - basic format with problems of your choice
Print and Learn Worksheets - Learn about math and numbers
Math Worksheets - from Bry Back Manor
A+ Math Worksheets - covers the basics
Flash Card Creator - design and print your own
Kids Math Word Problems and Practice - many activities are appropriate here.
Math Stories - great story problems by subject and grade level.
Math Fact Cafe - choose from a variety of types of worksheets.
Addition Worksheets - many for use
Free Worksheets for Whole Number Arithmetic - some are appropriate
Numbertime - good beginning activities
edHelper - lots of worksheet by grade and topic
Teaching Time - great UK site with lots of ideas.
Clock Worksheets - a few from which to choose

Phonics Worksheets - good for the beginning reader
Sight Words - various Dolch lists and much more
Educate the Children: Literacy - many PFD format materials are appropriate
Reading Comprehension - choose your grade level for a short passage and questions to answer

Handwriting Worksheets - several types available from Tampa Reads
Six Trait Assessment for Beginning Writers - print and use
D'Nealian - dotted trace letters
Index - you will not believe all the great worksheets available at this site.
Free Activity Page for Kids - some might be good
The Learning Page - hundreds of beginning worksheets and free books to download
Flash Cards - print letters, numbers, and more

Theme Sheets - a different organization of the above site makes it easy to find great worksheets on lots of subjects.
Templates by Donovan - templates for cards, birdhouses, and lots more
Puzzlemaker- you choose and make your own
Classroom Forms and Testing Dolch word lists and skip-a-line writing paper for download
Personal Education Press - create and print worksheets in the form of a bingo game, flash cards or many other formats


The Fonts - many different types of fonts to download
Print Clearly - dashed manuscript font
Free School Fonts - various types for download
Neal Font - dashed font similiar to D'Nealian
Billy Bear's Fonts - several from which to choose
Back to School Fonts - in both PC and Mac format
007 Fonts - scroll down to primer
Zoom Craft Projects - some are great

CAlifornia Math Assessment 25 page download
Ist Grade Math Assessment 12 pages
Math Assessment - a download
Reading Assessment - a 50 page download
Math Assessment - a download
Practice Reading Test - best down with an adult
First Grade Vocabulary - Grouped Word lists from Tampa Reads
First Grade Reading Teest - practice test from Georgia

Educate the Children: Literacy - many PFD format materials are appropriate
Ohiorc - hundreds of lesson plans linked to standards
Report Card Comments - lots of links to ideas