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Welcome to Elite Pageant Designs!! Elite Pageant Designs is a full service pageant design business that offers the following:

* Pageant Dress Shells

* Custom Made Pageant Dresses

* Pageant Swimwear

* Pageant Web Site Design

* Pageant Banner Design

* Pageant Accessories

Elite Pageant Designs specializes in making dress shells and custom made pageant wear for sizes Newborn to size 8 (children). We can also custom make some pageant attire for sizes 10 through Adult sizes. Elite Pageant Designs also carry a large array of pageant accessories.

Elite Pageant Designs can also make pageant banners to promote your pageant or photo contest. We can also make banners to feature a pageant winner or a pageant contestant.

Elite Pageant Designs also specializes in "Pageant Website Design". Whether it's a single page or multi-page website....Elite Pageant Designs can build that perfect website for your business or contestant.

We would like to thank you for visiting Elite Pageant Designs and we do hope to do business with you soon!!


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