Emanuel Law Outlines

It’s hard to think of legal study aids and not think of the Emanuel® Law Outline series. And now LexisNexis and Emanuel have joined together to provide you with access to the Capsule Summaries from the most popular courses. Capsule Summaries are 88- to 128-page summaries of the main text from the Emanuel Law Outline series. They're ideal for organizing your own class notes and for just-before-the-exam review.

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What is an Emanuel Law Outline?

An Emanuel Law Outline (ELO) is a summary of the law in a particular subject. All books in the series have been written or co-authored by Steve Emanuel himself. The outlines include references to major casebooks and cases, statutes, Restatements, and other bodies of law. They are designed to provide the student with the "big picture" in an area of the law, giving that student insights into how everything ties together.

Many of the titles, including Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, and Criminal Procedure, are revised every year. Others are revised every couple of years to correspond to major changes in the law, to correspond to new casebook editions, and to add new cases.

The books are between 250 and 700 pages long depending on the subject area. All ELO series outlines except for Secured Transactions include a Capsule Summary, a 88- to 128-page summary of the main text ideal for just-before-the-exam review. Most contain question and answers covering the subject; newer titles, including Constitutional Law, contain Exam Tips and Casebook Correlation Charts.

Steve's outlines have been the most popular in the country for years. Nineteen years of law school graduates swear by them. In the 1998-99 school year, law students bought an average of 2.5 Emanuels each – that's over 100,000 Emanuels.

Law school courses are generally taught from casebooks which contain the text of decisions of various courts dealing with legal issues. These outlines are not casebooks or outlines of casebooks (commonly referred to as canned briefs). They are supplemental study aids designed to explain the issues and the decisions. The cases in the relevant casebooks are summarized and analyzed, but are not reproduced in their entirety.

If you would like to purchase the printed versions of the Emanuel Law Outline series or if you would like more information about other Emanuel products, visit Aspen Publishers at their web site.