Slackware Linux 4 (2.2.6) on AcerNote Light 350 PC and Xircom RealPort 10/100 16 bit

Specifications of the Machine

Brand Acer
Model AcerNote Light 350 (PC ?)
Processor Pentium 100MHz
Harddisk 775MB
Mouse TouchPad (use PS2 in XF86config, works beautifully in X)
Video Card Chips & Technologies VGA-Card, 1MB

Thanks to Mark, Jim, Ken, Keith, I am now able to use Xircom RealPort 16 bit 10/100 on a AcerNote Light 350 (very old machine, yes, but functional :-). No hardcoding of IP address is needed, and I didn't have to upgrade the kernal to 2.2.10.

Thanks to all who help developed the PCMCIA driver for Linux! Big thanks to Ken!

Also thanks to Kurt Huwig for the specs of the AcerNote Light and providing a vote of confidence that it can be done :-).

It took me 3 days, but it was well worth the effort.

Best regards!

--- chialing

Check out my MS thesis from UIUC :-).

Steps Taken

  1. Partitioned 775 MB harddisk using FIPS into two partitions. Boot from diskettes (bare.i and color.gz from Slackware 4) and create a Linux partition (/dev/hda2) and a DOS partition (/dev/hda3) and a swap partition (/dev/hda4). All are primary partitions. I gave 250 MB for /dev/hda1, 200 MB for /dev/hda2 and 250+ for /dev/hda3, and swap space of 64 MB for /dev/hda4.
  2. Xircom Realport 16 bit 10/100 works fine using Win95. From Win 95, copy the entire /slakware directory into the DOS partition.
  3. Boot from diskette, install from /dev/hda3 and /slakware and got Linux 2.2.6 running with Xwindows. Configured with network. Green light is on, but link light is never on. Can ping localhost, ifconfig without errors, lsmod shows module loaded and device IRQ is 3 (5 didn't work either).
  4. Download pcmcia-cs-3.0.9.tar.gz into the DOS partition from

    I have also downloaded pcmcia-cs-3.0.13.tar.gz previously, but that did not work since I did not apply the patch; not sure if it will work if I apply Ken's patch to 3.0.13.

    Also download xir2ps_cs.c.gz (it is actually a c file) from, but could not get it to work because the xirc2ps_cs.c in pcmcia-cs-3.0.9.tar.gz is version1.31 and the downloaded file is 1.30.

  5. Manually edit /etc/pcmcia/config.opts and /usr/src/pcmcia-cs-3.0.9/clients/xirc2ps_cs.c
  6. cd /usr/src/pcmcia-cs-3.0.9;
  7. make config (accept all defaults)
  8. make all
  9. make install
  10. reboot
  11. Viola!