the devilWelcome to Whackers!!!

This site is still Underconstruction
you can visit some links below these are just few files what
WHACKERS can give to all people !!!

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Some Useful Tutorials
Basic Unix commands
the Unix File System
Unix FAQ
Hackers Jargon
C tutorial
Computing Tutorial
Neophyte's guide to Hacking
Hacking Step by step

  These files are for good reason and not to criticize others work!!!
I'm apologizing and asking permission for those people whom their files have appear in this site!!!
These files are for Tutorial reasons that will help people to know more about the world of COMPUTING. Some of the files are submitted by the author!!!
If you don't like to have your tutorials appear in this site!!
or if any authors want their tutorials to be included in this site
just email me!!! below this  PC surfer 

pc surfer
email me

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