The Newbies Unix FAQ
by Unix kid
(It will answer allot of the questions I get from newbies every day.)

 Lets start out with what hacking is. Hacking is knowing all you can about computer systems, and programming, not cracking into system's. when you start out you will be doing alot of reading, you cant get anywhere unless you read. reading is everything I went 6 month's and did nothing but read about UNIX and hacking. and I still read there is always more to learn, read about each of these things.

And yes even windows

Let me now give you a basic idea of what UNIX is, UNIX is a multi user multi tasking operating system. witch means it can have more then one person logged on to a UNIX system at a time. and multi tasking meaning it can do more then one thing at a time. UNIX comes in more then 80 different types and version's each one with it's pros and cons. The Unix file system is different from windows it store's files in directories like windows only. directories like this /etc not drive directories like this c:\ Unix is more stable and more useful then windows, and you can tweak Unix and mess around with it in ways that windows wont let you. read the O'rillie book's on Unix, you can read them online at

if you want to use UNIX then the best thing to do I get Linux installed on your computer. it is a type of Unix and just using it will teach you alot about how UNIX works. not only that but it comes with the most useful programming languages built in. you can get Linux by downloading it off the net. but I wouldn't do that if your on dial up internet it could take up to 3 days, so I recommend buying it from a computer store, there are many different version's of Linux, for a newbie I would get Linux mandrake or Linux red hat. And yes you can use Linux and windows on the same computer.

Now lets talk about programming. Programming is writing script's and things that tell your computer what to do, I'm sure you know what a program is you use them everyday, all those applications that come with windows, well by learning to program you can make your own app's. like all those port scanners and things you see on hacker sites, it would be way more fun to use them if you made them yourself, to program you will have to learn a programming language, this is a computer language that you make the programs with. There are many different languages some hard to learn some easy, for example the c/c++ languages are harder to use for people just starting to program, but most of the Unix OS was made with c/c++ so they are very useful, but for a newbie I would recommend learning python go to for more information.
Another thing that newbies always ask me is what is telnet and how do I use it, well its simple telnet is a port that lets you connect to a remote computer. and there are clients for telnet, one comes with windows just go to start/run then type in telnet for more information go to there is a guide to telnet on that site that I wrote myself that will tech you a lot.

Another thing that newbies do A LOT!! is ask a question before even looking for information on there own, I can tell you now that no one will spoon feed you information you have to look for it, try searching the internet for things like hacking UNIX and programming here is a list of sites that will help you become a hacker........




 I know this tutorial was brief but it is just something to get you started in the world of hacking ;-) I will be writing more text some on the UNIX system and maybe one on programming.