Bovingdon Census Returns

Welcome to these pages on Bovingdon census returns. These relate to the village of Bovingdon in Hertfordshire. I have put online the 1841 and 1871 transcripts. I appologise for any errors in them. It's not easy to read all the entries and since they were transcribed from photocopies, the ends of some lines were illegible. I've tried to guess the endings and have put these in square brackets [ ].
You should be aware that, in places, the spelling is terrible, e.g. plaiter spelt plaughter and scholar spelt scoller. So when looking for surnames, try different variants. I've copied the misspelling and leave you to work out what they may or may not be.
Note that the file is rather large and may take a while to download.
Please note that the transcript is my own and therefore is not to be used by others without asking first!

Bovingdon 1841 Census Return

Bovingdon 1871 Census Return

Last modified 18th September 2004

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