You are embarking on a wonderful journey of gaining new friends, having fun and making a lifetime of memories!

Pageant competition is open to all participants who live, or attend school in the city of Banning, California.

Ages: 0-17 years (school age)
Must have never been married, currently married or have a dependant,
also must be attending elementary, middle or high school and have never dropped out of school or have had significant disiplinary actions at school.
Contestants should also maintain a "c" or above average on report card

Areas of Competition:
Interview, Sportswear and Beauty

Deposit Deadline to enter pageant is TBA
Remaining balance deadline is TBA

We are looking for an outgoing natural beauty who loves to represent herself to the public for community services, attending parades and functions. She should be positive, enjoyable to be around and able to get along with her fellow queens and peers.

While representing yourself at the Miss Banning Pageant you will conduct yourself accordingly. No bashing of another contestant. This should be an enjoyable experience for you, your family and others around you.

A queen should always be on her best behavior and dress appropriately. She should be proud of her title and should treat others around her the way she would like to be treated. If a queen should not be able to maintain her title, that title, including the sash, crown and trophy will go to the first princess. The directors reserve the right to have a queen forfeit her title and crown if her behavior is not becoming. As a queen representing the Miss Banning title she should always look her best, speak in a fluent manner and have a positive outlook where ever she may go. We have many activities planned for the reigning queens and as a Miss Banning representative we expect you to try to attend as many functions as possible.

0-6 years
Dress must be short, knee length party or pageant wear. Socks must be ankle style. No tights, hats, hair wreaths and no black shoes. Attire must be age appropriate.

7-12 years
Dress may be floor length, or short party/pageant wear. No tights, hats, hair wreaths and no black shoes. Attire must be age appropriate.

13 years and up
Dress may be a prom, party or pageant gown and must be floor length. No strapless dresses, bare midriff or overly exaggerated slit up the dress. No tights, hats or hair wreaths. Attire must be age appropriate.

0-3 years
Contestants should wear NO makeup at all. No hair pieces or extentions.

4-12 years
Minimal makeup can be worn to enhance while on stage. Light mascara and lip gloss only. No hair pieces or extentions.

13 years and up
Makeup should be minimal. It should only enhance not cover up. Remember, we are looking for the natural beauty in our contestants. Points will be deducted if judges/directors feel the makeup is inappropriate. No hair pieces or extentions.

The beauty judges will be judging during the beauty division. These judges have nothing to do with the mini optional and interview judging. The beauty judges are looking for overall first impression, sense of confidence, personality, stage presence, posture, gracefulness and appropriateness of the attire.

Please DO NOT approach the beauty judges at ANY time during the pageant.

The interview judges will be judging during the interview portion of the pageant. These judges have nothing to do with the beauty or the mini optional judging. The interview judges are looking for overall first impression, sense of confidence, personality, vocabulary and intellect.

Please DO NOT approach the interview judges at ANY time during the pageant.

The mini optional judges will be judging the optional categories during group lineup. The mini optional judges have nothing to do with the beauty or interview judging. Mini Optionals are: Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Eyes, Best Smile, Beautiful Face, Best Attire, Best Personality and Most Potential.

Please DO NOT approach the optional judges at ANY time during the pageant.


0-23 Baby Miss 9:00am
2-3 Tiny Miss 9:00am
4-6 Mini Miss 9:00am
7-9 Petite Miss 9:30am
10-12 Junior Miss 9:30am
13-15 Young Miss 9:30am
16-17 Miss 9:30am
**Times are subject to change depending on the number of contestants**

One queen winner in each division will receive a 30 inch trophy, stunning crown, beautiful sash and gift. One queen title in each division is awarded to the contestant who has natural beauty, poise and that extra "something special". Queen winners attend all Miss Banning Pageant functions throughout the year.

One photogenic winner in each division will receive a 14 inch trophy and a beautiful tiara. Photos can be color or black/white but MUST be 5x7 in size, not digitally enhanced and must be a 3/4 or head shot only. Photos should be turned in with entry form but no later than June 15, 2006 and can be picked up at the registration table after the pageant is over. Photos are judged by all of our judges before the pageant begins. Photogenic winners do not attend any functions throughout the year.

Princess winners in each division receive a 12 inch trophy and a gift. If for any reason that a queen in your age division cannot retain her title the 1st princess may take the place of that queen and assume the reign for the rest of the pageant year. Miss Banning Princesses do not attend any functions throughout the year.

Contestants in age division 4 and up will be seen by a separate panel of judges and will be asked a few questions that are "age" appropriate. Interview attire will be the official Miss Banning t-shirt and your choice of black pants, skort, skirt or capris. Footwear should be white socks and white tennis shoes, no high heels or sandals. This attire has been obtained so that during the interview all contestants will be judged fairly. When the interview is complete the contestants will line up by division to go on stage for their sportswear competition.
The criteria used for scoring the interview include:
overall first impression, personal appearance, intellect, personality, vocabulary, grammar and response in context. The judges are given 5-10 minutes to ask a variety of questions.

Beauty $150.00
Photogenic $25.00
Mini Optionals $10.00 each
If you enter beauty, mini optionals and photogenic you save $25.00 for a total of $220.00

General admission is $5.00 per person to enter the ballroom
One free chaperone ticket is included with mandatory beauty fee.
NO still photography or video cameras allowed in the ballroom.
We will have a professional photographer/videographer on site to capture your moments on stage.
Photo packages will be available.

Family discounts are as follows:
1st family member deduct $5.00
2nd family member deduct $10.00
3rd family member deduct $15.00

You can get your pageant fees reduced, just refer friends and others. Each referral is a $5.00 discount.
If you have any questions regarding referrals please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

You may obtain sponsors to help defer the cost of the pageant. The sponsors name will be mentioned while the contestant is on stage and will also be listed in the program book. Ask us about obtaining a sponsor form. A receipt will be given to each sponsor.

Early Bird Deadline
Receive a discount of $10.00 if entry form and all fees are turned in by June 1, 2006


If this is your first pageant and you need help finding a dress or you are rather shy and need help with the pageant walk and confidence check out our CATWALK CREATIONS RENTALS page to assist you all the way up to your pageant day.