How to stop IE from loading .PDF files within the IE browser

Do you grow tired of using IE to view .PDF files. Would you like to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view .PDFs instead? Read on to find out how to load the .PDF within Adobe Acrobat Reader instead of from inside IE.

For Windows 95 do the following:
Open "My Computer"
Make the following choices:
File Types

Select "Adobe Acrobat Document" from the list
and choose: "Edit"

Change the Content Type as follows (note: you will probably have to type this one in rather than finding it already on the list):

- from -
Content Type (MIME): application/pdf
- to -
Content Type (MIME): application/unknown

On the "Confirm open after download"
dialog box, make your selection as desired.

Select "Open"
and click on the "edit" button.
In here turn off "Use DDE"

Also the "application used to perform action" should read (if you have acrobat reader version 3):
C:\Acrobat3\Reader\AcroRd32.exe "%1"

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