Locating the Compaq CD-ROM Drive
during Installation
Updated June 18, 2001
Created Oct 20, 1999

If you canít find the CD-ROM during install there are 3 items you need to check. This is for almost any operating system being installed on a Compaq Server.
  1. Set the drive to MA (Master) instead of C/S (Cable Select). Our drives ship in the C/S position, certain operating systems (namely Unix) like it better if it is set to MA.

  2. Check the cabling. The cable has labels next to the 3 connectors.

    1. The "System Board" connector should be connected to the system board.
    2. The "Drive 0" connector (which is the middle connector) should be connected to the CD-ROM.
    3. The "Drive 1" connector (the second end connector) should have no connection.

  3. If this happens to be a dual IDE bus system, make sure that the "System Board" connector on the CD-ROM Cable is plugged into the "Primary IDE" connector and not the "Secondary IDE" connector.
These above steps will ensure that the CD-ROM is the Master IDE device on the Primary IDE controller.