Links to Drivers and Other Sites Related to Installation of Linux on Compaq Servers

Driver Sites:
Sim710 - NCR53c710
tlan: Linux TI ThunderLAN home page
eepro100 - i82557 i82558
e100 - OEM 8255x
e1000 - Gigabit

Other Links:
Compaq and Linux web page:
Intel Web Site:
Nasa Driver Web Site
(Network Drivers & Beowulf):
Installation and Configuration Guide for Linux and Apache Web Server on Compaq ProSignia and ProLiant Servers
Implementing Red Hat Linux 6.1 on Compaq ProLiant Servers
Compaq Support Forum, message board, linux
Compaq Press Release, newsroom, December 11, 1998
cpqarray: Old Home Page for Smart-2/Smart Array Driver - Chris Frantz's Home Page
cpqarray: New Home Page for Smart-2/Smart Array Driver - Now driver being maintained by Compaq's Storage Products Division.
Diederick’s Home Page
Diederick’s Compaq and Linux Mailing List Home Page
Compaq and Linux mailing list archive.
You can join the Compaq and Linux mailing list hosted at by sending a message to
Compaq/Linux mailing list created by Diederick
Using NT boot loader & LILO: Dual Booting NT and Linux
Josh's Linux Guide - All in One Page Linux Guide
How install a Redhat 6.0 on a old Compaq Proliant 2000 ( or 1000 ) by Jean Philippe
tomsrtbt home page (Tom's Root Boot Home Page)
Cross-Referencing Linux - Browse Linux Source Code online

Understanding the Linux Kernel:
Kernel Korner: Dynamic Kernels: Modularized Device Drivers
Dynamic Kernels: Discover
The Devil's in the Details
Dissecting Interrupts and Browsing DMA - VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge

Josh's Linux Guide