Additional Notes on using RedHat 6.1

(Use in addition to the RedHat 6.0 Installation Notes)

Differences between 6.0 and 6.1:

One of the differences between RedHat 6.0 and RedHat 6.1 is that "fdisk" has been removed from the normal installation path. You must go through "Expert Mode" and click "Use Fdisk" to be able to use fdisk during the install. Fdisk is still necessary since disk druid does not allow you to configure to primary partitions on the same drive. The reason this is important, is that "/boot" needs to be a Primary Partition, marked Active, and LILO installed to the 1st sector in order to preserve the F10 key functionality of the SCU on boot up.

How to:

How to do it (I have done this, I am writing this from memory so that I can just get the info out here, I'll refine it and rewrite the install document to include this info. Some wording may not be exact, the general idea is correct.):

Expert Mode:

When faced with the LILO: (or BOOT:) prompt from the install disk or cd, type:

linux expert

Drivers Disk?:

When asked for a driver disk, just select the cancel button since you don't have, nor do you need, a driver disk.

Add your SCSI Controllers:

When asked if you have any more devices, check screens F3, F4, and maybe F5 for signs of the embedded SCSI, and Array Controllers. Make sure that your installation controller has been found. The current embedded SCSI controller on our systems use the NCR53C8xx driver, be sure to load it if it is not loaded. The same goes for the Compaq Smart Array Controller, if the driver isn't loaded, be sure to load it through the "add device" button when asked if all devices has been found.

Install Method / Use Fdisk:

When you get to the screen which asks which install method you wish to use (server, workstation, custom, etc.), here is where you check the button to use "fdisk" in the upper right corner. Then go through custom install of RedHat 6.1.