Linux Procedures
Updated July 10, 2001
Created June 2001

sshcopy.html - Network File Copy using SSH
od.html - Using OD (Octal Dump)
serial.html - Working with serial ports
ser_inst.html - Installing RedHat by controlling installation through Serial Port
cd-copy.html - Copying a CD-Rom to a file
md5sum-verify.html - Using a SCRIPT to verify MD5SUM values
linux-cd.html - Booting Linux from CD
linux-lists.html - Linux Mailing Lists and Search Engines
linux-doc.html - Using Linux to write documents
linux-pdf.html - Using Linux to create .PDF documents
basic_email.html - Setting up Linux as an email client
ftp-abort.html - How to pick up sending from where you left off
screen_capture.html - Programs used to capture screen shots in Linux.
boot_err_capture.html - Capturing boot errors.
mbr.html - Restoring the ability to boot to an active partition to the MBR.
manual-network.html - Manually setting up a network card.
networktrouble.html - Tools for troubleshooting a network.
boot-syslinux.html - Creating a bootable floppy using syslinux.
partboot.html - Working with the Gnu Parted boot floppy.
dynamic_dns.html - Setting up dynamic DNS (in addition to dhcp and DNS)
new-controller.html - Adding a controller (array or SCSI) and drives to your system after installation.
dyndns.html - Listing of Dynamic DNS Servers for your ever changing IP address.
cdrecord.html - Using a CD-Burner in Linux / Working with ISO images in Linux.
submit.html - Collection of shell scripts used to automate my web publishing experience.
tuning.html - Notes on optimizing or tuning Linux.
dlt_library.html - Working with DLT Tape Libraries in Linux.