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Greetings, There are several Scott Norwoods out there - if you are looking for the field goal kicker, you are on the wrong page - grin. You might know me if you went to any of the schools listed below:
Graduate of
         Lee's Summit HS 1973
         Longview CC 1975
         NMSU 1977
         UM-C 1980
         O of OK  2001
I also attended  Graceland College, Lincoln University, UMKC, CMSU, and  Wayland Baptist.

Currently I am a librarian at Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, Missouri.
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Family History
Allison and I have two boys, Joshua and Jacob. We live in a house not very far from where I grew up in Warrensburg.

If you are looking for George and Jaunita Norwood, then you have found their oldest son. If you send me an email I will see that the message is forwarded.
updated 22 Jan 05