A Brief History of the 10th Battalion Georgia Infantry

by Dennis B. Miller
Historian for the 10th Battalion Georgia Infantry

The 10th Battalion was organized at Griffin, Ga, March 17, 1862, of companies mainly from Macon, Worth, Sumter and Bibb Counties. There were also men from counties surrounding each of the aforementioned counties. A 5th company was formed in July '62. In 1862, the Battalion guarded prisoners held at Camp Oglethorpe in Macon from May to December. They also guarded military installations within the city of Macon. They were sent to Virginia in December 1862 and attached to G.T. Anderson's Brigade through April '63. They did not guard any prisoners other than those at Macon. They participated in the Suffolk Campaign of Apr '63 and were later unattached from any brigade and posted at Franklin, Va, for 8 months from August '63 to Apr '64. They did not serve in N. Carolina except for patrols from Franklin. In April '64, the Battalion was attached to A.R. Wright's Brigade and participated in the campaign from the Wilderness to Petersburg from May to June '64. Maj. John E. Rylander was killed at Cold Harbor. Capt. James D. Frederick of Co A, was promoted in his place. They were at Deep Bottom Aug 16, '64 and Weldon R.R. Aug 21, '64 and remained on the lines at Petersburg until the withdrawal Apr 2, '65. Maj. Frederick was wounded at Deep Bottom and the command of the Battalion eventually fell to Capt. Caleb Hill of Co A. Their last battle was at Farmville Apr 7, '65.

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