The 10th Battalion Georgia Infantry Reenactors Photo Album

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2005 Capital of the Confederacy Memorial March
2 April 2005

My Webshots photos of the 2005 Capital of the Confederacy Memorial March which took place in Richmond, Virginia. Four Confederate soldiers from North Carolina were reinterred in Hollywood Cemetery.

Grand Daddy Flagger of them All
27 January 2005

Grand daddy Georgia Flagger of them all, Elijah Coleman, participates in a flagging of Atlanta motorists at historic Sweetwater Chapel in Lilburn, Georgia with other flaggers and members of the Eli P. Landers Camp of the SCV.

REAL Flaggers at Sweetwater
27 January 2005

Georgia flaggers flag rush hour Atlanta motorists with the REAL Georgia flag at historic Sweetwater Chapel, home of the Eli P. Landers Camp 1724 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Photo was taken by Larry Poole during a 27 January 2005 flagging there.

H. K. Edgarton at the Augusta Flagging of the NAACP
7 October 2004

Black Confederate patriot H. K. Edgarton signs a copy of a newspaper article on him for E. Porter Alexander Camp member Tim Hardin during a flagging of the NAACP in Augusta, Georgia. The flagging was held at the Radisson Inn in Augusta during the South Carolina NAACP Convention held there in October of 2004. The flagging was done in protest of scalawag Mayor Bob Young's removal of two 2nd National Confederate flags from the historic Riverwalk section adjoining the Radisson Inn. This heritage violation was done at the request of the NAACP during preparations for their convention there.

Those "Always Complaining People" get flagged in Augusta, Georgia
7 October 2004

In the foreground of this scene of SCV and League of the South patriots, is Jeffrey Monk of Loganville, Georgia. He participated with numerous Confederate patriots in Augusta, Georgia to protest the removal of Confederate flags from the city's Riverwalk section by Mayor Bob Young in October of 2004. The flagging ran for three days and drew a crowd of over 150 Confederate patriots, mostly from Georgia and South Carolina.

The Georgia Flaggers hit Perdue in an upscale Atlanta neighborhood
30 June 2004

On 30 June 2004, members of the elite group know unofficially as The Georgia Flaggers hit The Liar Sonny Perdue in an upscale neighbor hood on Bellaire Drive on Atlanta's northeast side. Georgia patriots from as far away as Toccoa, Georgia attended this flagging led by Elijah Coleman, arguably the grand daddy flagger of them all. In the foreground, pictured from left to right, are Elijah Coleman, Steve Monk and Norman Black.

At the grave of General James Longstreet
2 May 2004

Steve Monk and his son Jeffrey stand beside the grave of General James Longstreet in Alta Vista Cemetery after a 100th Anniversary reenactment of his funeral in Gainesville, Georgia on 2 May 2004. About 125 citizens and reenactors participated in the reenactment and funeral procession which proceeded down Gainesville's Jesse Jewel Parkway to Alta Vista Cemetery dispite a misting rain.

Artillery Group Sepia
24 April 2004

This photo, comprised mostly of members of the Eli P. Landers Camp 1724 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, was taken on 24 April 2004 at the Flag Terrace on Georgia's Stone Mountain.