From Second  Manassas to Appomattox
the 44th Alabama remained one of the best fighting
Regiments of the Army of Northern Virginia.

The 44th Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment

was organized at Selma, Alabama, on 16 May 1862, with men from Bibb, Calhoun, Dallas, DeKalb, Lowndes, Randolph, Shelby, and Wilcox counties. The regiment reached Richmond on the 1st of July and was attached to Brig. Gen'l. A. R. Wright's Brigade, along with the 3rd, 22nd, and 48th Georgia Regiments, and assigned to Maj. Gen'l. R. H. Anderson's Division. The regiment was greatly reduced from camp diseases and went into the second Battle of Manassas (30 August 1862) with 130 rank and file where it lost 5 killed and 22 wounded. It then took part in the investment of Harper's Ferry (15 September). At the Battle of Sharpsburg (17 September), the regiment carried 113 rank and rile into the fight and lost 14 killed and 65 wounded of that number (2/3 of their effective force).

At Fredericksburg, the regiment was under fire briefly and suffered slight losses. The 44th Regiment wintered on the Rappahannock River and was placed in the Alabama Brigade of Gen'l Evander McIver Law, with the 4th, 15th, 47th and 48th Alabama Regiments and was assigned to Hood's Division, Longstreet's Corps.

In the spring of 1863, the regiment was detached for service in Suffolk where it lost two companies (A and B), captured at Hills Point (18 April). In the assault at Gettysburg (1-3 July), the 44th lost heavily but managed to capture the first two guns of the enemy's that were brought off the field by the Confederates.

Transferred a few weeks later with Longstreet's Corps to the West, the 44th Alabama lost several men at Chicamauga (19-20 September). It then shared the privations of the East Tennessee campaign, losing slightly at Lookout Valley, Knoxville and Dandridge (16-17 January 1864).

Longstreet's Corps returned to the Army of Northern Virginia in time (5-6 May) to take part at the Battle of the Wilderness and Spottsylvania (7-12 May), where the 44th's casualties were heavy. Its losses were slight at Hanover Junction, the 2nd Battle of Cold Harbor, and at Bermuda Hundred.

Around Petersburg, and in the trenches protecting that city, the 44th was constantly engaged. It departed there with the remnant of the Army of NorthernVirginia and surrendered 17 officers and 192 men at Appomattox under Colonel John A. Jones. The 44th enrolled 1094 men on its rosters; of these, 150 were killed in action, 200 died in the service, and 142 were discharged or transferred.

Field and staff officers: Cols. James Kent (Dallas County; resigned); Charles Alexander Derby (Lowndes County; KIA, Sharpsburg); William Flake Perry (Macon County; promoted); John Archibald Jones (Bibb County); Lt. Cols. Charles Alexander Derby (Lowndes County; promoted); William Flake Perry (Macon County; promoted); John Archibald Jones (Bibb County; promoted); George Walton Carey (Shelby County; wounded, near Richmond); Majors William Flake Perry (Macon County; promoted); John Archibald Jones (Bibb County; promoted); George Walton Carey (Shelby County; wounded, Richmond); A. W. Denman (Randolph County); and Adjutant T. A. Nicoll (Dallas County; captured, near Richmond)

Captains (and the counties from which the companies came)

  • Co. "A" (Lowndes and Dallas counties) -- Richard J. Dudley (resigned, 15 June 63); D. L. Bozeman (KIA, Spottsylvania); D. B. Edwards
  • Co. "B" (Bibb County) -- John Archibald Jones (promoted); L. D. Brown (resigned, 18 March 1863); Joab Goodson (died in the service); James M. Hill
  • Co. "C" (Wilcox County) -- John W. Purifoy (wounded, Sharpsburg; retired, 2 Feb 1863); Robert Powers
  • Co. "D" (Shelby County) -- William T. King (KIA, 2nd Manassas); Thomas L. Morrow (resigned, 12 July 1864); Jonas Oakes
  • Co. "E" (Shelby County) -- George Walton Carey (promoted); John H. Neilson (KIA, Spottsylvania); Thomas C. Ferguson
  • Co. "F" (Bibb County) -- Henley G. Sneed (resigned, June 1862); William N. Greene (wounded, Chicamauga; retired, 29 Nov 1864); John B. Fondreu
  • Co. "G" (Dallas and Bibb counties) -- Thomas C. Daniel (KIA, 2nd Manassas); Bluford W. Brown (resigned, 23 Sept 1862); William A. Dunklin (KIA, Gettysburg); W. P. Becker
  • Co. "H" (Bibb County) -- F. M. Goode (resigned, 11 Nov 1862); Joseph S. Johnson (wounded, Chicamauga; retired, 22 Feb 1865)
  • Co. "I" (Randolph County) -- Absalom W. Denman (promoted); John T. Tweedell
  • Co. "K" (Calhoun County) -- Patrick P. Riddle (died in service, 8 Aug 1862); John M. Teague (KIA, Gettysburg); John D. Adrian (wounded, The Wilderness; KIA, Chaffin's Bluff); Martin H. Fowler

    Photo section:

    Gen. William F. Perry
    Gen. Evander M. Law
    Gen. Law and staff
    Gen. John B. Hood
    Gen. James Longstreet
    Capt. H. Caffey
    Col. George W. Cary
    Capt. Daniel B. Edwards
    Sgt. John C. Deason- Co. B
    Pvt. Edward M. Byrne- Co. C
    Pvt. Ed Seamon- Co. B

    44th Muster Roll


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