Franklin County, Missouri, is building additional court houses. The new government center was dedicated late last year. A whole block of downtown Union is being cleared for the new judicial center. The old Court House is in the background with the old post office to the right.

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What are abominations in the Old Testament?

What is an acrostic?

What is allegorical interpretation?

Who is the Angel of the Lord?

What activities of the Antichrist are described in Daniel?

Who was Antiochus IV Epiphanes?

Should the Apocrypha be included in the Bible?

What is the definition of an Apostle?

Were there more Apostles than just the Twelve and Paul?

Where can I get information on Christian arbitration?

What sources are available to study the background to a Biblical passage?

Who should be a candidate for water baptism?

What mode of water baptism is specified by the New Testament?

What are the purposes of water baptism?

Must we be water baptized before we can have eternal life?

How reliable is the Bible?

How do we know that the Bible has not been changed over the years?

When manuscripts produce varied readings of passages in the Bible, how do we know which reading is correct?

Which English translationof the Bible is best?

How does one do Bible study?

What is the Doctrine of the Canon?

Does God have a chariot?

How do you place paragraph titles and references on a Bible study chart?

What are cherubim?

Do obedient children live longer?

How should a local church without qualified elders be governed?

What are the traits of a Compulsive Personality Disorder?

How should the local church deal with conflicts of interest?

What kind of connections do conjunctions make in Bible study?

What does Psalm 61 have to say about obtaining courage to face the future?

To whom was Daniel written?

What is the interpretation of Daniel?

Who wrote Daniel?

What is the interpretation of Daniel's prophecy of 70 years?

Who is Darius the Mede?

What are some conditions and benefits of the Davidic Covenant?

Is the story of the DaVinci Code correct?

What does the Bible teach about local church deacons?

How do elders make decisions?

Are there fulfillments of Deuteronomy 28 in Lamentations?

How should the local church discipline its elders?

How should the local church discipline its members?

What is the documentary hypothesis and why is it wrong?

What problems does a local church have when it is dysfunctional?

What does the Bible teach about local church elders?

What is the interpretation of Ephesians?

What is the background to Ephesians?

What is the definition of an Evangelist?

What does the Bible teach about gathering evidence?

Does God allow evil to get out of control?

What constitutes excommunication?

What was the condition of the Jews during the Babylonian exile?

What is the interpretation of Ezekiel?

How is Ezekiel 26:2-14 and 29:18-19 to be understood?

What temple is Ezekiel describing?

Why will Ezekiel's Temple incorporate animal sacrifices?

Should faith be exercised when we face Divinely ordained situations that we do not understand?

What place does fasting have in the Church?

What are some purposes for fasting?

Is a fetus a child?

What is the filling of the Holy Spirit?

What figures of speech are found in the Bible?

Will I go to hell because I do not forgive others?

What does the Bible teach about forgiving each other?

What forms are used in Hebrew Poetry?

Who is Gabriel?

Who wrote the first 36 chapters of Genesis?

Can God be good if He uses evil persons to work out His will?

Is Jesus God?

How did God reveal the theology of the godly life over time?

Does God give more grace to those who progress in obedience?

What is grace?

What is the interpretation of Habakkuk?

What is the overview of Habakkuk?

Why is higher criticism sometimes dangerous?

How is Ezekiel's Temple an Object Lesson of the holiness of God?

If I am humble, will God give me more grace than the one who is proud?

What are some examples of how Biblical style an structural material integrate?

How is interpretation accomplished?

What is an interpretative phrase?

Why will God restore Israel?

What is the JEDP Theory and why is it wrong?

How was Jeremiah 25:11-12; 29:10-14 fulfilled?

What was the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC like?

Should believers judge the motivations of other believers in the exercise of their spiritual gifts?

When a believer judges another, what should his qualifications be?

What is the interpretation of Lamentations?

What are the purposes of the Law?

How do local church leaders lead?

What does the Bible teach about local church leaders?

Is there a menu that directs me to all leadership topics? Yes!

What is legalism?

What is leprosy in the Bible?

What is literal interpretation?

What is the Gospel of Luke all about?

What does the Song of Solomon teach that may be helpful for your marriage?

Will there be a Jewish Temple during the Millennium?

What is the history of the Mormons in Hancock County (Carthage, Nauvoo), Illinois?

Did Moses write the first five books of the Bible?

Where is the actual location of Mount Sinai?

What was the music like in Biblical times and what type should the Church use today?

What are some of the provisions of the New Covenant?

Is there a connection between the New Covenant and the Jewish Temple?

What is normal interpretation?

What is the number of deacons that a local church should have?

What is the number of elders that a local church should have?

What should be included in the organizational documents of a local church?

What does the local church owe its elders?

When did an area in the Ancient Near East become known as Palestine?

What are some of the provisions of the Palestinian Covenant?

What types of parallelisms are found in Hebrew poetry?

What is the definition of a Pastor or a Pastor-Teacher?

What is 1 Peter all about?

Is there a format one can use when petitioning God?

Who was Phoebe in Romans 16:1-2?

What are the characteristics of Hebrew poetry?

Does God respect petitioners whose prayer He seemingly does not answer?

What is the definition of a Prophet?

How did prophetic expectations form our country?

Who are some of the self styled prophets of today?

Can you help me study the Book of Proverbs?

What qualifications must deacons have?

What qualifications must elders have?

How do elders' and deacons' qualifications compare?

Is Hal Lindsey's dating of the Rapture correct?

How was repentance defined as the New Testament began to be written?

How is restitution to be achieved?

How are fallen Church leaders to be restored?

What does Daniel tell about the resurrection?

What events occurred during the return of the Jews from the Babylonian exile?

How do you interpret the Book of Revelation?

What does the Bible teach about taking revenge?

How did God reveal the theology of the sanctification over time?

Is Satan the person described in Ezekiel 28?

How are local church leaders selected?

What is the Septuagint?

What does the Sermon on the Mount teach us?

Is sex in marriage good or evil?

What connection did Pharoah Shishak have with the nation of Judah?

Is God responsible for sin?

What are the structural laws used in the Bible?

What are the structural materials used in the Bible?

What are the different structures used in the Bible?

What styles did Biblical authors use?

Should believers sue each other?

Is God responsible for suffering?

What did the Tabernacle look like?

What is the Talmud?

What is the definition of a Teacher?

What is the history of the Jewish Temple?

How large was the Jewish Temple?

What is the tenure of an elder?

Does God have a throne?

How do Jewish people observe Tisha b'Av?

How are titles chosen for paragraphs in Bible study?

What does Daniel say about the length of the Tribulation?

Will there be a Jewish Temple during the Tribulation?

Who should be the trustees of a local church?

What is the history of Tyre?

What judgments has God placed against Tyre?

Are critics correct that Ezekiel's prophecies against Tyre were never fulfilled?

Why does God want to punish Tyre?

Why did God make some things unclean in Leviticus 11-15?

Is asking for something from God an act of worship?

What is the interpretation of Zechariah?

What does the verb, dei, mean?

What does the adjective, didaktikos, mean?

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