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Physics Summer Assignment-2009


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Practice Quizzes can be found at:
Holt Textbooks  b] Glencoe Physics   c] Prentice Hall Physics


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The grades portion of my website has been published from Sept 1999 to June 2006.
The students have been identified by their School District I.D. number.
Any parent fearing a privacy violation has only to email me.

No parent has asked me to take there son or daughter off my website.
My website has posted
Attendance, Class Work, Homework, Test Scores, Grades, and solutions to problems in 18 different chapters.  It has been updated every two weeks.

Out of fear of litigation by the Federal government, under the Federal Education Right to Privacy Act the School District has ordered me to take down the grades portion of my website.
School District would like to substitute FamilyNet,

FamilyNet is has had severe errors but has improved.
a] It has the letter grades and not numbers.
b] It reports the report card grades after they are issued. 
     (If you have the report card why do you need FamilyNet?)

c] The grades do not include quarter four.

d] It does not report Class Work, Homework, or Test Scores. 
   So students do not know what they missed or have to make up!

e] It did not report attendance.

Fortunately, Girls High provides teachers the option of sending out interim reports four time a year. 
That is, parents can get feedback four to eight time a year:  4 report cards and possible 4 interim reports.