Why I Built This Site

Glider Image The reason I created this Web site is I wanted to use it as a notepad. You know, record my knowledge, problems and solutions about Unix in general and FreeBSD in particular, since this is the operating system I am currently using and most familiar with.

I am hoping that doing this would help me gain more knowledge and solidify those I already have. I also want to help others by sharing my knowledge, and in turn learn from them.

Unix General Information

Unix may be called the programmer's operating system since it was written by programmers for programmers. Today there are many different "flavors" of Unix -- FreeBSD and Linux being considered by many as among them.

You might ask, why would I want to learn Unix? Perhaps the answer can be found in the early history of Unix when in 1969 a small group of people at Bell Laboratories started a private research project to design an operating system, which is simple and elegant, written in a high level language rather than assembly language, and allows re-use of code.

Except for the kernel, a relatively small amount of code, which had to be written in assembly language, the bulk of the Unix operating system was written in a high level language called C.

Last updated September 1, 2005