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"release early, release often"
"have fun doing it"
"many eyeballs tame complexity"

Open Source (rec.reading)

The Cathedral & the Bazaar
Voices fom the Open Source Revolution
Rebel Code
TLDP: Guides and FAQ's
And don't forget my Free Books Library
/. : Best tech joke?
OSS/FS "for the record" (opt.reading)

The GNU Manifesto and RMS preaches
The Open Source Definition (1)
The Declaration of Software Freedom
Li18nux 2000 Globalization Specification (2)
OSS/FS Reference (from Wheeler)
MIT license
BSD license
GPL license (usage in code)
FDL license (usage in publications)
M$ "Shared Source" license - 18mrt2003 version

Unix Community (rec.reading)

The Halloween Documents
FUD & SS tactics by Roger Irwin
Just For Fun
OS Biblio at (
Unix History from Eric Levenez (3)
The New Hacker's Dictionary
(=Jargon File Resources)
ESR clarrification to Unix and Beyond by Ken Thompson.
GPL whitepaper by Matt Asay
"minix newsgroup posts from Andrew Tanenbaum abouth Linux" - notice the 29 Jan 1992 vs. 14 Apr 1996 posts. (now withouth linux)
A (complete) Tux history
Interview: Eric Raymond goes back to basics
Meaning and Postertext of blinkenlights (1959, 1999).
OSI Position Paper on the SCO-vs.-IBM Complaint from the Open Source Initiative.
The linux-kernel mailing list FAQ (a must, even if you'r not a kernel boy - or girl ;)
A good read abouth Linux.
Open Standards, Principles and Practice by Bruce Perence.
Articles to keep around

-- ALL --

Linux ISO Downloads

Linux ISO
Linux CD
Planet Mirror
Metalab ibiblio
Online Network Tools

simple ICMP Ping
VGER: DNS MX-verify, Traceroute
Centralops: Network Services
IP Calculator

Not online but usefull:
Network Problems? Maybe Laurent can help you? And here you have somme more (common) tools for the trade.


[A] This Web Page (obviously)
[A] Scripting and Shell Tips
[A] Freebook Library
[D] Writing PDF documents (STFW)
[A] ftp distribution
[A] getufcomic with proxy auth.
[S] UNIX system admin. pocket ref.
[A] Guide to the people in the Unix and F/OSS(5) world.
[S] C programming
-- Project Quest --
[S]tarted [A]vailable [D]iscontinued


to-do's & Planning.
Somme stuff from my old page: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Things I have no place for... yet.
Linux support in Belgium (guide)
find your way in internet governement

Devellopment - tools

CVS, Sourceforge, Freshmeat, CollabNet, Savannah
HTML validation | HTML Tidy
Eclipse IDE, plugins, workbench, Extend it yourself
Free Eclipse and "page with instructions"
NEdit, Best code editor ever.
IEEE Std 1003.1-2001
Working together (comercial art.)
The Linux Cross-Reference project testbed also see KDE X-Ref.
FreeShells, an overview.
Devellopment - reference

the ACM "Hello World" project
Perldoc | Search CPAN modlist
IBM DeveloperWorks: Linux, OSS, OCC webstandards links
OSS Personal Bug list

The Bookmarksync people f*cked me! Sorry, my public bookmarks there are no longer available 8-(
RH "Kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel" sollution and hints whatever the cause..
FreeDBS Kernel Leak (Advisory)
OpenSSH versions (2.3.1 to 3.3)
Sendmail 8.10.0 - 8.11.5
Mozilla bug 93173 (Helper Applications)
Apache worm
Bug or Feature: do U use XP? Think twice before Pursuing!
Sendmail Remote Buffer Overflow (CERT® Advisory CA-2003-07)
More on Sendmail and other OSS sw at O'Reillynet.
The SCO complaint, and yes i think SCO is a bug.
mail from Alan abouth ptrace security hole
May 2003 O'reilly Security Alerts: An overview of recent Unix and open source security advisories.

- disclaimer -
I have no intention whatsoever to keep this bug list complete and up to date. The list is provided "as is" and does not guarantee any insurance you are using a stable software release.

Is it Security for Linux you want? Or generic IT-related Security notes ?
More on Linux security via the O'Reilly Security Articles


Free Software Foundation - home of RMS
Open Source Initiative - home of ESR
OSDL current home of Linus. - home of Tony Stanco
Free Standards Group : LSB , OpenI18N (4)
United Linux
ibiblio (Metalab)
Brave GNU World
OSDN Network - home of Slashdot
O'Reilly Network - home of Tim
Dr.Dobbs Journal & TechNetCast
The Kernel Archives , , DistroWatch
BSD: Free , Open , Net
Softpanorama , Signal Q
The Open Group: POSIX UNIX
Real Time Application Interface for Linux, RTLinux
Blinkenlights (today)

comp.os.linux , alt.os.linux , alt.linux , comp.unix , comp.sys , comp.sys.aix
l.d.k , c.o.l.d.s , c.o.l.a , l.d.d
iWorld , / . , Lx. , TReg. , Focus , Gazette , Deb.Planet , OpenBSDjournal , root# , Sil.Val. , SVI , Tech.Ex. , Moz.Quest , OSnews , KernelTrap , ddj , LWN , Op.OSV.

The Jargon Lexicon and JarGoogle
WikipediA free Encyclopedia
Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
online WorldLingo Translator
TUCAA (=Acronyms)
Unix Acronym list (via Jargon related resources)
ASCII table
UNIX Signals
Port numbers
RFC Editor Database
HTML Returncodes
Mime/type list
File extentions
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
UNIX Command Comparison, Rosetta
Korn Shell Momento
HTML: tags | ampersant | major colors | Non-Dithering colors
rpmfind and
Cable Pin-outs
LAN MAC & Company-ID Assignments (hex, first 3, separated by a "-"), more protocol stuff
W3C Technical Reports - By Title
Indexed Linux man pages
Alternative HOWTO list to TLDP
Internet FAQ Archives
Geekcode and the decoder
Netcraft, ioscount
on-line ROT13

Don't: fork

Don't: rogue patch

Don't: remove credits

(1)Earlier the Debian Free Software Guidelines and Social Contract.
(2)Version1.0 with Amendment4
(3)Check out his other stuff
(4)Earlier the Li18nux standard, now: OpenI18N
(5)F/OSS = Free / Open Source Software
rec.reading = recommended reading
opt.reading = optional reading

PS: This site, nor the Authors NIC has anything to do with Tr011ing.


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