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The Georgia Archaeology Home Page

by William F. Stanyard 
about the author

Click here to learn more about these, and other, prehistoric artifacts discovered in Georgia.

Technical Summary of  Georgia Prehistory (text with references).

Technical Summary of  Georgia Prehistory (summary table).

Prehistoric Archaeology in Georgia.

A Brief Summary of Georgia Prehistory (15,000 B.C. to A.D. 1540).

A Visual Tour of Georgia Prehistory.

Help!  I Found These Artifacts and I Want to Know More About Them.

How Do I Report the Location of Artifact Finds to the
Georgia State Site File, and Why Is That Important?

Click Here for Links to Public, Professional, and Governmental Organizations.

How Can I Get Involved?  Can I Volunteer to Help Excavate an Archaeological Site? 

I Would Like a Speaker to Give a Talk to My Group, Club, or Organization.

Information and Links for Kids.

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