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Know thyself. Nothing in excess.

 [Warning sign:  Entering Original Thought Zone] DANGER: NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED! This page contains opinions on a number of controversial issues. I happen to be a Pagan, rather traditionalist and Apollonian, and my social views are relatively conservative. So, this basically means that I'll be goring quite a few sacred cows. You may simply check out what you feel you will like, and ignore the rest; this works for most people. But if you have preconceptions of how Pagans ought to think, or have preconceptions of what Conservatives should believe in, then your reaction (depending on how much you feel folks are entitled to their own opinions) may vary anywhere from surprise to apoplexy. And, my own commentary contains lots of sarcasm and dry humor. Those who can't handle this might like to go some place more comfortable. Don't say I didn't warn you. And, toward the bottom, there are some off-site links which are pretty gross (and they're marked as such). Lastly, it should go without saying that not all the authors of the web pages I linked agree with everything I say, or that they agree with everything said in any other pages linked here. But I'll say it anyway.

In case you're wondering, green text denotes content at this website (mostly my own writings); all others are off-site links. Stop by soon, because I plan to be adding more original content.

Features at Voices from the Right:
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Here are all the controversial topics your mom told you never to talk about:

 [Torch Bearer (picture cropped to meet Geocities guidelines)] Politics - turning sacred cows into nice, juicy burgers

  • Remember the '96 election? "Buchanan is a great guy, but we can't vote for him in the primary, because we need a candidate who can beat Clinton." Here's one of the few politicians who opposed NAFTA and didn't sell out to the moneyed business interests who wanted to move their factories to Mexico, where the minimum wage is less than US$0.50/hour and those pesky environmentalists are few and far between. It's pretty ironic that a Conservative ended up as the one major politician who gives a damn about America's working people. And it's too bad that the media saw fit to trash him. I don't agree with 100% of what he says, but he is a sight better than most other politicians. (And yes, I know Buchanan is Catholic. I don't have a problem with that either. Do you?)
  • Jim Kalb's Traditionalist Conservatism Page offers a variety of topical essays and links to related material. While I feel that he takes some issues a little too far, it's a refreshing break from all the bologna which the mass media spoon-feeds us. I do wish that he'd take a more secularist approach, but hey, it's his website... Most of the time, he's rather brilliant (though occasionally he sounds just like George Bush).
  • Here is a nice Objectivist resource. I disagree with many of the usual Objectivist viewpoints, and I feel that they took a few wrong turns, but I do admire their sound reasoning. I also like the fact that they are pretty good about explaining how they arrived their conclusions; laying the cards out on the table like that means that they aren't operating on a bunch of hidden axioms.
  • And now for the other side: Mike Huben's Critiques of Libertarianism. It provides a good "reality check" to Libertarian claims. Too much of politics consists of either the shallow or the pretentious, and it's nice to find a well-written site with much original material. They also take pokes at Objectivism, though in this case I feel that they aren't as accurate as they could be.
  • My all-time favorite Watergate burglar... G. Gordon Liddy. He's got one heck of a talk show now, so eat your heart out, Larry King!
  • Check out the archive of Joseph Sobran newspaper columns. His predictions of things to come is a must-read.
  • The Council for Social and Economic Studies publishes works on sociology and economics with a refreshingly different perspective, including the excellent The Mankind Quarterly.
  • An online magazine entitled Politically Incorrect, or pinc for short.
  • Visit the Jolly Roger, a site run by Generation Xers devoted to great Western literature. They have no use for the deconstructionists, gender guerillas, and other cappucino-sipping leftist academic trendies who have hijacked the nation's universities.
  • Here's an essay in which I explain why the President should learn to keep his pants zipped.
  • Check out the Not Hillary web site for even more fun. They've even got a screen saver.
  • And here's a spoof on what Clinton's 1Q98 State of the Union address should have been.
  • The Ruthenian-Americans: a People Without a Holiday. It's slightly tongue-in-cheek, if you can handle that.

 [Demi Moore, Dea Magna] Religion - Mankind's quest for the Divine; our greatest source of profundity and silliness alike
  • Before Llewellyn pulp paperbacks turned the predominant Pagan cosmology into something resembling cotton candy, there was Traditional Witchcraft.
  • Here's a cool Eastern Orthodox site.
  • And here's a good Islamic site. The author is a convert who grew up in America, so it's pretty accessible to Westerners who don't know any Arabic and aren't familiar with Middle Eastern culture and philosophy.
  • And here's a great essay on the Sikh religion written by the late S. Gobind Singh Mansukhani. I don't agree with all the basic principles, but that is one of the most sensible treatises on religion I've seen in a long time.

 [Freud:  Zometimes a zeegar ist CHUST a zeegar.    Monica:  Oh, yeah?] Sex - the propagation of the species, the waste of a lot of time
  • I don't agree with all of Camille Paglia's views, but nonetheless I feel that she's a breath of fresh air in this country's "gender" debate, and her viewpoint possesses more common sense than thirty academic dweebs put together. She even has her own newsgroup.
  • And here's parody of Camille Paglia's writing which exposes the sinister subtexts underlying the Barney the Purple Dinosaur show.
  • Again on the lighter side, we have a salacious spoof on those yucky St. Jude letters.

 [Sheet of money] Money - <SARCASM>why a million dollars will make you a better human being</SARCASM>
  • Some home pages include résumés on them. Isn't that nice? Well, this is my job history too: the good, the bad, the ugly. And there's lots of the latter two.

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And here are some less controversial topics (arguably so, of course!):

 [Little ice cube] What's Cool - some of my faves

  • It's refreshing to find a web site dedicated to beautiful, positive images of pregnancy. The creation of new life is something of breathtaking beauty.
  • Now the results... check out all the cute little babies at this site. (Well, for that matter, all babies are cute. The only problem is, they grow up to be ungrateful teenagers.)
  • Although they're not as cute as babies, cats run a close second. If you've got a cat picture to share, then send it to them.
  • Labrador Retrievers are pretty cute too. And, the average Lab is smarter than the average cat (as well as the average politician). But their main benefit is that they are very sweet animals. They're so friendly, in fact, that it's easy to forgive them for being complete brats whenever they think they're not being observed.
  • Wolf Hybrids are almost as cute as calico cats. They also are more intelligent and have better personalities than some computer professionals I have worked with in the past. And, if you feed them a tube of liverwurst, you will have a friend for life.
  • And, for some breathtaking scenery, check out the Icelandic Picture Collection.

 [Three Stooges] My Friends - and no, not all of them endorse all of my views. Do you require that of yours?

 [ENIAC:  the first electronic computer] Computing - after five decades of technological progress, the common man now has the power to stand up before an audience of millions and say "Me too!"
  • Are you new to the Internet? Make sure that you're surfing with the latest browser. (Not much here, but I'll get around to updating it.)
  • Get Arachnophilia. Do you have Windows 95/98/NT4/2000, and you want to make your own web page so you can have a soap box like this one? Then this is the program for you. It's free for the downloading, with the stipulation that you care. As I understand it, caring entails maintaining a positive attitude for a week and being nice to those not in your age group. (Really!) It was kinda tough for me, being the curmudgeon that I am... Paul Lutus, the guy who wrote Arachnophilia (as well as the famed AppleWriter), has got a pretty unique web site. Among other sophomoric fare, he writes long articles about economics, which tend to prove only that he doesn't know diddly about the subject, but at least he's a good programmer.

 [Pictures of Wisdom] Pet Peeves
  • Stuff That Sucks - The title says it all.
  • Make Money Fast - "Psst... hey you! Wanna get $50,000 in three weeks?" All you have to do is break Federal mail fraud law and waste untold network resources... And for all that, you'll probably only get $10 if you're lucky. Chances are you've seen dozens, if not hundreds, of those stupid scams. Here's a humorous twist on them.
  • A similar MMF satire, this one based on the infamous Dave Rhodes letter which (as far as I can tell) was the first Internet MMF spam-scam.

 [Conehead Animation] End Of File - Proof that some people have too much money and/or time on their hands
WARNING! Some of this stuff is pretty grotesque!

  • First, we'll start out with the Lip Balm Anonymous page. What's weird is that they sound so serious.
  • Drilling holes in your head for spiritual enlightenment. Gosh, doesn't that sound like fun? Kinda like a college course in engineering calculus, only without all the numbers. Not for the squeamish!
  • Disgusted by the above? Liked the above? There's more where it came from. Not for the squeamish!
  • Extreme body modification Don't miss the FAQ. But make sure that you haven't eaten recently, nor feel the need to do so any time soon. And you thought "Ate My Balls" was just a series of humorous web pages... Again, not for the squeamish! (Sheesh; the things some poseurs do in the name of being "avant garde"...)
  • Daniel Johnston once was a carny hand from West Virginia who sold corn dogs all across the country. Then, he settled down and flipped burgers in Dobie Tower (a private residence hall adjoining the University of Texas at Austin, a/k/a "Tel Aviv Tower"). He also has been a mental patient, at least twice as far as I can tell from one of his interviews. But he found his true calling as a self-published musician, or as he puts it, a Sorry Entertainer. As you might guess, his tapes and CDs are so bad that they're good. The 1980s-vintage cassettes, however, are his best (as far as bulldada value is concerned). Recently, he somehow got himself a band with a real guitarist, a real drummer, and a real keyboardist, and now his music just doesn't suck as much as it used to. Damn.

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