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Hello. My name is Haeji Hong. I'm afraid I've pulled a Kato in bumming off homepages from my friends/families. I've been thrust with creating a homepage when my good friend Wilbur Kuo decided that I can create one at sunset server where he had a homepage. Unfortunately, that site had to come down. So my mom, Jongjoo Hong allowed me to move my stuff over to her account since she didn't really know how to create her account. Since she graduated from California State University of Northridge, I've decided I needed to find another home for my site. And here we are at Yahoo's Geocities.

So the dot com bust hit a lot of lawyers, and I was one of them. After being laid off and absolutely enjoying my time off for about 9 months, I switched my practice to bankruptcy. I'm currently a practicing attorney at San Francisco, California at a law firm called Goldberg, Stinnett, Meyers & Davis. I graduated from a law school in UC Davis. Better known as Kinghall Law School.

I wanted to put up something that could be valuable to others in my homepage. So, I've been putting up my law outlines as I finished them. I will continue to host my Law School Notes until people complain bitterly that it's just wasting bandwidth. With increasing awareness of the interaction between law and cyberspace, I thought that my honors thesis I did in my undergraduate years of UC Berkeley might be appropriate to read. Entitled Right to Privacy in the Age of Telecommunication, the paper focuses on the diminishing right to privacy with the increasing progress in technology.

As much as I love law, I would probably suffocate if that's the only interest I had in this life. I still try to write some poems from time to time. I also like to sing whenever I can. Of course, keeping up with my friends is always fun. But since I'm busy pretending to be a lawyer, I try to at least remember their birthdays. Or hang out with my friends from law school like Doug.

Well, enough about me. Here are some websites which you might like to visit. Infirmation is great -- you get the inside scoop of what's going on from all the Greedy Associates board. Internet Legal Resource Guide has lots of stuff about law school and law in general. For other law outlines on-line, check out The Legal Pad, First Year Law Student Resources, Omar Billawala's Homepage, Legal Cite, Ira's Page and FindLaw: Legal Subject Index.

Here's a list of some of the other interesting sites. Thanks for visiting my site. Hope you visit again!!

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Haeji Hong
October 9, 2002