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Here some free software written by my own:

 Project Pages:
  • GLGlobe: A GL/Mesa simulation of the Globe - similar to xglobe or xearth, but with interactive rotation/zooming
  • FooBillard: A free 3D OpenGL/Mesa implementation of a billard game
  • KGuiTune: A program for tuning guitars (or even other instruments) for KDE
  • GuiTune: A program for tuning guitars (or even other instruments) (uses Qt-lib)
  • SndStretch XMMS: An effect-output plugin for XMMS for seperate pitch/speed control

 Some source tarballs:
  • SongBook-0.2: A program for browsing chord files (.crd, .pro, .tab) and transscripting(!) them to other tunings.
  • CatNMouse: A little cat and mouse game for Qt-lib (not quite finished)
  • XORGame: A little brick-game for Qt-lib (not quite finished)
  • Gravity: A game similar to gravity force for Amiga (Qt-lib, not quite finished)
  • QTHexer: A hexer with many features (pixel view (32/24/8bit), variable display width) (very alpha, uses Qt-lib)

Here some free software I consider to be useful:
  • gimp: most of my webpage-pictures are made with this painting program.
  • K-Desktop-Environment (KDE): A real nice looking desktop manager (couldn't do without it anymore - at least the filemanager).
  • flwm: A very minimalistic yet fine windowmanager using the fltk-lib
  • XMMS: X-MultiMedia-System - a fine mp3 (and other) player - also check out my sndstretch_xmms plugin above
  • fte: the "only" text editor for linux (and other OS)

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