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The RLDS Council of Twelve, 1901.
Front l-r, I.N. White J.R Lambert, Heman C. Smith, Willliam H. Kelley, J.W. Wight, Edmund C. Briggs
Back, l-r, James C. Caffall, Gomer T. Griffiths, R.C. Evans, Joseph Luff, John Lake, Peter Anderson
Image provided courtesy Community of Christ Library-Archives, used with permission.
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  Who was Who in RLDS History is a website dedicated to the many people who contributed to the history of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Here you will find biographical and bibliographical information about the ministry, politicians, authors, composers, and interesting characters who were a part of this movement.
This site has no official association with the Community of Christ/Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint.  I have included links to sites from various religious traditions. This  includes a number of different restoration groups as well as some that are dedicated to convincing people to leave the restoration movement. Inclusion of these sites is only to provide access to biographical information and should neither been seen as approval or disapproval of any views or doctrines promulgated on them.
  This site will always be under construction. It is my desire to create a reference work that will give people an initial access to the research available on many "who made a difference."

Scott Norwood
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The index is divided into five pages (each approximately 8x11 for easy printing) So if you wanted to find information on WW Blair, for instance you would click on (A-D) to the right.. From this resulting index click on Blair's name to get to an individual page dedicated to him.
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Entry Format

b birth date/place of birth
m date of marriage/name of spouse/date when spouse died
bap date of baptism
d date of death
ed where education/degree awarded/field of study/year
mil military experience

Calendar of important events
date/event ordinations abbreviated a "o"

edited/name of publication/period as editor
author/title/(date 1st published)
titles of books are underlined, hymn lyrics are in quotes, tunes are in italics

bibl bibliography/special notes made of obituaries "obit"and photographs "photo"

Frequently used resources are also abbreviated


GMDS - Guide to Mormon Diaries & Autobiographies

FWR - Far West Record:

TMD - They Made a Difference
TSR - They Sang of the Restoration
RJS - The Revelations of the Prophet Joseph Smith
KEQ - Kirtland Elder's Quoruim Book
(web version)
LBE - Latter-Day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia
Knisley - Biographical Dictionary of the Latter Day Ministry

DS - Dedicated to Serve

33 Women - 33 Women of the Restoration

BOM - A Book of Mormons

HC - The History of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

WSI - Roots of the RLDS in Southern Iowa
WWI - Regathering of the Scattered Saints in Wisconsin & Illinois
WMF - The Latter Day Saints on the Missouri Froniter


AL - Autumn Leaves
AL-Vision - Vision Magazine

BYUS - BYU Studies

Courage - Courage

Dialogue - Dialogue

EJ - Elder's Journal

EVS - The Evening and the Morning Star

JH - Journal of History

M&A - Latter-day Saint's Messenger and Advocate

MS - The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star
RS - Restoration Studies
RTF - Restoration Trails Forum

SH - Saint's Herald

T&S - Times & Seasons

ZE - Zion's Ensign


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  Not $ - this website is on Geocities and cost me nothing but my time and energy. But some of you have worked long and hard on family histories or a term paper concerning a person of note within the Restoration movement. Consider posting it on this page or perhaps a link to it from your own page. Maybe you have access to an old publication and would like to scan it and send it to me. Perhaps a digitized photo of your uncle who wrote a hymn or was the 1st RLDS missionary to Mississippi. Your contributions are welcomed.
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