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Troll's Publications:

UNIX System Administration Pocket Reference Current Version:1.0
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Additional Notes

Open Source Reading:

The Cathedral & the Bazaar;

Note: Cathedrals, Bazaars and the Town Council (Addition of Alan Cox);
Note: A Second Look at the Cathedral and the Bazaar (A crushing review paper of Nikolai Bezroukov);
Note: The response of ESR to Nikolai Bezroukov's paper.

Voices from the Open Source Revolution [on-line-html]

Generous Publications:

Free as in Freedom (Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software) [on-line-html]
The Wizard Book [on-line-html]
Grokking the GIMP [on-line-html] [get-html-tar.gz-format]
IBM POWER4 System Journal of Research and Development [on-line-html]
Elementary Computer Math [on-line-html]
The Art Of Unix Programming (Book of ESR in the making) [on-line-html]
Partial Perlbook - Contend abouth Regular Extressions [get-pdf-format]
Fellowship Songbook of I.B.M. [on-line-html]
The Open Source Cookbook (a REAL cookbook with "Fuel For Geeks") [get-pdf-format]
The New Hacker's Dictionary (buy) - Resources [on-line-html]
The Hacker Crackdown: Law And Disorder on the Electronic Frontier - you can also find it in different other formats here at the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( more EFF Publications) [on-line-html] [get-ps.gz-format]
Unix System Administration - A Survival Course - University of Washington. [on-line-html]
The Mac OS X Solutions Guidebook [get-pdf-format]
The Open?source PKI Book - University of Washington. [on-line-html]

Book Collections:

How often do you get a whole collection, I will try to make a book-by-book list doh! Most of these indexes are pointing to a book project of thier own - while i am concentrating on whats interesting to me (Computer/Unix), but request are always welcome...
Bruce Eckel's Books (C++, java, Python) [Bookindex]
FreeTechBooks @ Center 4 Small Business (Devellopment and Open Source Software) [Bookindex]
O'Reilly openbook project (current and out of print books) [Bookindex]
AIX Version 4.3 Documentation Library at Universit�t Wien [Bookindex]
Somme free pdf books at Planet PDF [Bookindex]
Most Popular Classics Tales at Planet PDF (not computer related) [Bookindex]
Andamooka - open content books for reading, annotation, and discussion [Bookindex]
Assayer - Book Reviews and Discussion for the Free-Information Renaissance [Bookindex]
The Online Books Page - founded in 1993 [Bookindex]
Internet Book List (not computer related, for now) []
IBM Redbooks [Bookindex]
Project Gutenberg ( [Search]

"Linux Professional Institute" Certification Level 1 (Exam. Prep.'s):

(From IBM DeveloperWorks)
101 Part1 "Linux Fundamentals" [get-pdf-format]
101 Part2 "Basic Administration" [get-pdf-format]
101 Part3 "Intermediate Administration" [get-pdf-format]
101 Part4 "Advanced Administration" [get-pdf-format]
102 Part1 "Compiling Sources and Managing Packages" [get-pdf-format]
102 Part2 "Configuring and Compiling the Kernel" [get-pdf-format]
102 Part3 "Networking" [get-pdf-format]
102 Part4 "Secure Shell and File Sharing" [get-pdf-format]


Unix C Course by Steve Holmes Of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow [on-line-html]
"C Programming FAQs" by Steve Summit,
and here are also his teaching notes
[FAQ list only (1/2 book)]
Phil's C Course (for Fortran programmers) [on-line-html]
Tutorials - Little Unix Programmers Group [on-line-html]

Documentation Projects:

(Often a major project on it's own)
Documentation pages of the GNU project:
-Including Non-GNU but Free Books
-GNU manuals
-GNU Press, List of books in print
TLDP (The Linux Documentation Project) with books like:
-The Linux System Administrators' Guide
-The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use
-The Linux Network Administrator's Guide, Second Edition
-Installation and Getting Started Guide
-The Linux Programmer's Guide
Brave GNU World Tutorials [web]
NewbieDoc [web]


vim Documentation: on-line help [on-line-html]
Apache Desktop Reference [get-pdf-format] [get-ps-format]
Sendmail Installation and Operation Guide [on-line-html] [get-ps-format]

Guides and Tutorials:

Linux Headquarters [Index]
Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial, A Beginner's handbook [on-line-html]
The Very Verbose Guide to Updating and Compiling Your Debian Kernel [on-line-html]
Eliminating Root with Sudo (BSD) [on-line-html]
Introduction to Make [on-line-html]
The DVD mess [on-line-html]
IP spoof introduction [on-line-html]
Bugzilla Etiquette [on-line-html]
How to Report Bugs Effectively [on-line-html]
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way [on-line-html]
Snort Enterprise Implementation [get-pdf-format]

Quick Reference: Apache, mod_perl, Emacs, GDB, Emacs Calc, XEmacs, Plain TeX, AMSTeX, ANSI C, CVS [Bookindex]
Brown University: TeX, LaTeX, AMSTeX, C (ANSI), PARI [Bookindex]
vim quickref [on-line-html]
CheatSheets from Jarred McCaffrey [Sheetindex]
UNIX Command Comparison.
I have found this sheet somewhere on the web and it may not be entirely freely re-distributable (Whoops!). I don't know the REAL origin but if I ripped you off, I apologize and will gladly link to your website but with less enthusiasm remove it from mine. Notice that it is NOT perfect for a text browser like lynx, w3m on the contrary has no problem with it. Anyway, here it is - have fun!


Starting with NIS
Network Computing tutorials
Tariq Nazir's resources
LinuxDOT documentation
UNIX shell scripting with sh/ksh - from: Dartmouth College
Paper: BSD Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer - by: Jim Frost
Paper: UNIX Signals and Process Groups - by: Jim Frost
MIT Introduction to UNIX Software Devellopment and Software Engineering on Unix
Building and Installing Software Packages for Linux
AIX5L Communications Programming Concepts
Linux VM Documentation
ncurses FAQ
IBM AIX Performance Management Guide
Closed source versus open source in a model of software bug dynamics at Condensed Matter archives
FHS guide
Living in Emacs (from IBM)
All abouth iptables
Starting with GUI's on Unix (German versions). Translated version to English (Powered by Google).
comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions
RedHat Linux Manuals
SuSE Support knowledgebase
The Book of Webmin
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
Understanding the Linux Boot Sequence

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