About Me And My Views

I dunno where the gif went!!!

I guess I will just let out my opinions of things, you can figure it out from there.

Abortion: I am Pro-Choice, I say let the unborn living child make the 'choice'!

Damn server lost the picture!Gun Control: To me this should only require good aim.

Immigration: We don't need anyone elses poor and tired, we have enough of our own.

Religion: None, and I don't care what anyone elses is as long as it is not pushed on me!

Separationists: I think they have a right to be left alone! Give them a reservation, let them be happy! Nobody bothers the Amish!

I dunno where the gif went!!!

Yea all I need to do is find God and a few good semi-automatic rifles and I could be a 'right wing extremist'!

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