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Remember: "have FUN doing it" don't expect me to rush into things,
i will do the job if i feel like doing it - people are lazy, i know i am 8-)

SD - installation changes
system snapshots before and after installation followed by a diff
or SID - maybe we call it SD to make it more diverse
codebase: perl and indexed BSD DB
Contrete, it would looks like locate - thats why i don't make it open yet. 
I would like to try and get the extra functionality into locate by adding a parameter --full, 
which would store user / access rights, size and ctime into an  additional Berkley DB, 
and a --fullclean to remove it.
Web Page - to provide people with stuff I collected.
website and DDNS link at no-ip
OpenBookmarkSync & BookmarkMerger 
bookmarksync client for linux
bookmarkmerger between netscape and mozilla and maybe IE style exports
name OpenBookmarksync and BookmarkMerger
Howto get your Linux desktop working? 
Web based irc client 
Server management framework (new or contributed) 
check out: 
Nagios+++ (previously netsaint)
RRDtool++ (can be combined with MRTG)
 Note: Also check-out Cricket and RRGrapher for use with RRDtool.
BigBrother++ (can be combined with MRTG)
Serial Console Switch hw+sw 
Failsave scripts:
A script to get ALL variables from a perl script and remove ALL doubles from the  resulting list.
A script to remove trailing spaces from a text file (DOS & UNIX type).
Perl one liner collection
Midnight Commander ctrl-o functionality - keep menu visible if prefered
on-line tydy html
Yet another news gathering tool
also check out :
Take over, find or create a replacement for the Cheops project...

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