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You should not be here, this is no page for you ;-) ...
[X] still todo or just started,
[C] donne but is a continueing process,
[V] donne, for now.
[V] Get this page up and running
    - fancy design or simple and straight forward?
    - jam pack it with 3 collumn tables or not?
    - leave it at Geocities or run it at home using DDNS & my cable connection?
[V] header and footer for all html files (back home link)
[V] Create simple template
[C] Learn abouth OSS devellopment, CVS, FSF and OSS community, Unix history and people.
[X] Get C or C++ programming and CVS experience before starting any project so that  
	i know what i am doing.
[C] Make a perl oneliner collection available.
[C] Complete the OSS advocacy links.
[C] Continue to find good free books.
[V] Overall body = white background and get a better color for links.
[V] vallidation links
[X] publish ipsec (freeswan,kame) documentation
    - 50+51
    - udp encap. of ipsec
[X] check out and register a site for testing (get CrC#)
[V] Overal op deze site een edit hyperlink toevoegen.   html file)

[X] Work on these...
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[X] need more info on WLM 4 Linux:
You'll also hear him make statements about Unix that I don't think are true. For example, 
he repeatedly claims that resource management either does not work or does not exist in Unix. 
In reality, user resource limits are consistent with basic Unix philosophies and have been 
available at least since BSD 4.x in the early 1980s. Stronger allocation tools are somewhat 
inconsistent with core system beliefs but are often commercially required and so available 
from all major vendors: Sun offers Solaris Resource Manager, HP has both a Workload Manager 
and a Process Resource Manager, AIX supports Workload Management, and Tru64 implements 
these functions as Class Manager.

[V] need more info on UML

[V] C and networking

[X] Register page
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