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Family History Handouts
Family History Basics
What is 4 Generations?

Where Are You in Your Family History?

"A Member's Guide . . ."
"A Member's Guide . . ." Blessings and Promises *

"A Member's Guide . . ." Test *

"A Member's Guide. . ." Test - ANSWERS *

Family History Handouts
10 Ways to Feel the Spirit of Redeeming the Dead

30 Ways to Become Aquainted with Your Ancestors *

A Guide to Research - Internet

A Guide to Research - LDS

A Guide to Research - United States

A List of Sources *


The Eternal Family Through Christ (explanation)

FamilySearch Explanation

FamilySearch Questionnaire *

Glossary *

Good and Better Sources

I Need Help!

LDS Family History Resources

Learn, Teach, Testify *

Materials List

Questions and Answers about Family History *

The Research Process *

Sources in PAF

Suggested Study (scriptures for family history) *

Username and Password Card for FamilySearch.com

Ways to Get Personal Ancestral File (PAF)

What am I looking for?

What Records Should I Search?

Cemetery Extract

Correspondence Log

Document Notes

Email Tracker

Family Group Sheet (LDS) *

List of Documents

Names to Submit

Patriarchal Blessing Request form

Pedigree Chart (LDS) *

Pedigree Chart (Simple 4 generations)

Phone Call Record

Record of Research

Research Log (LDS) *

Research Plan 1

Research Plan 2

Time Line

Family History Centers
Family History Center Locations

Group Resurvation

Springville Family History Center *

Where Is The. . . ?

Family History Center Training Book
Training Book Part 1

Training Book Part 2

Theses three forms fit into the Family History Center
Training Book in between part 1 and part 2

Pedigree Chart (LDS)

Family Group Sheet (LDS)
(print 2 Family Group Sheets for the book)

Research Log (LDS)

Fun Stuff
10 Common Mistakes

Darth Vadar and FamilySearch comic

Family History Does a Body Good *

Genealogists' Thirteen Articles of No Faith

You Know You're Addicted to Genealogy . . .

Family History Class
Attendance Form

Family History Class Outline

Sharpening Your Skills
What's Wrong With this Family Group Sheet?
(Find all the mistakes and circle them in red.)

Old German Type and Handwriting
(Go to page 3 and see if you can write your name using the german script.)

Handout also included in the Family History Training Book