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Geography Resources

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Geography4Kids - a good overview that promotes understandig
Geography World  This is one of the best comprehensive resources.
Library of Congress Country Studies  This is packed with information.
KIDPROJ's Multi-Cultural Calendar  Keep current.
World Fact Book  This is a great source.
ABC Interactive World Fact Book - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics, Political System  What a title!
World Cultures  From ancient to modern, this is a good jumping off place.
Geographia  background country information by region
Governments on the Web  listing by continent
Infonation  Compare statistical data
Around the World: Countries  Here is a great list from Yahooligans
Countries at a Glance  just the facts
Country Studies  Information from the Library of Congress <
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission  see the latest 3-D earth maps from NASA
Africa on-Line  Keep up-to-date here.
Kids Africa  A fine PBS supplement
Africa Focus  Photos, maps, and more
On the Line: the Sahara Desert  learn about this true desert
K-12 African Links  It is well categorized so it is easy to use.
Canada for Kids  There is so much here!
Canadian Geographic  a good e-zine extension
Amazon Interactive  lots to learn and a great simulation too
World City Maps  All alphabetically organized.
Antarctic Ice Shelves and Icebergs  a great collection of satellite imagery is included
South Pole Adventure - all types of information
Arctic Theme Page  maps, information, data, and more from NOAA l Geographic for Kids  Take the GeoBee Challenge or just keep current.
Flags of All Countries  Most complete
Geo-Images Project - pictures from around the world
Terraserver - largest database of satellite images of earth
Nationa Master   guide to facts on most countries
Globalstat  Compare many countries.

Visible Earth - directory of visualizations, images, and animations presented by NASA
Earthviewer -view from space - plug in an address
What You Need to Know About Maps  scale, distance, contour and more are presented
Maps and Globes  Review the basics here.
Mathematics of Cartography  Learn and then solve the problems.
Latitude and Longitude  good graphics enhance understanding
Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude  excellent interactive learning from NOVA
Early Maps  Links to many historic maps from all over the world
Maps  First choose the continent, and then choose the country and download information and a map.
Outline Maps On Line  They are free but small.
Topozone  great topographic maps of the USA
Flags and Maps of the World  a basic reference
Maps and Atlases  There are more than 700 in this collection.
Maps of Europe  The Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection
United Nations Cartographic Section  good maps require Adobe Acrobat to see or print
Ask Asia Map and Timeline Library  good quality
Map Collections: 1597-1988  from the Library of Congress
The Electronic Map Library   There are a limited number of atlases, but they are excellent.
Oddens Bookmarks   Lots of choices are here if you look.
Maps of the United States  more than 700 are here
United States Climate Page  Choose a state and find out lots of information.
Historical Maps  from all parts of the globe
Maps and References  The University of Iowa must have every good map on the net listed here.
Earthshots - satellite images of changes over the last 20 years
How Far is it?   Check out the distance between any two cities.
Autopilot   You will get travel maps on demand.
MapQuest - travel maps and more
Terry Fly  put in any address and look down and"fly" over the area getting an excellent Arial view.

Fifty States  excellent information makes this a great place to start
Class Brain's State Reports  links to information, maps, clipart, and more
Color Landform Atlas of the United States   Visual information is just a click away.
Topo Zone - Type in the name of a city or place to get a topographic map of the area.
The United States  Yahooligans has many sources for each one.
Home Pages of the States  These are the official links. Find them a bit down the page.
State Capitals  Take this practice quiz to check your knowledge
The Grand Canyon  Enjoy the virtual trip.
Yellowstone Geographic - geology, biology and more
Virtual Yosemite - lots of pictures
California's Coastal Geography  There is much to explore.
US Naval Observatory Master Clock   check the time for all US time zones
NAEO Sample Questions  from the people, who construct the tests that give us the "Nation's Report Crrd."

Burarra Gathering - interactive eay to learn about the life of the Burarra in Australia

Capital Cities of the World - There are lists by continent and a quiz for each.
State Web Games - Choose the game and level.
Globe Spotter  Shockwave game to check your knowledge
United States  Use the mouse to learn the states, then play the game.
The World  Use the mouse to learn the continents, then play the game.
US State Capitals  There are four ways to learn and check.
Flags of the United States - of our country, the states, and more
US Map/Quiz Printouts - This will test your basic knowledge with a map for each state.
US State Capitals - Choose from several games.
The States - great coloring/learning pages from Crayola
US Cities - Match the city with the state.
GeoNet Game  It is a fun challenge.
Find Your Longitude  See how much you really know about this important basic.
Where is That?  another great game from Fun Brain
Learn and Play  about ten fun ways to test your knowledge
Flag Trivia  Play the game.
Discovery Channel Geo Game  Learn about cultures and places.
Flag Tag  How well do you know the flags?
Geography Games   great games from Quia
Geography World Games  large listing of links

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