4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources - homework helper and cybrary


Math Resources

Check the Basics

The Place Value Game check out the rules
A Maths Dictionary for Kids  interactive and easy to understand
Flash Card Creator  Print out cards of your choice.
Math Mayhem  speed drill - you choose the operation
Multiflier  fun practice which requires Flash 5  flash cards and biographies of mathematicians
A+ Math  flash cards, problems, and help
Multiplication Mystery  a fun activity played on a grid
Math Archives - almost all types of problems have drills at this site
Math Baseball  Get a hit with a correct answer.
Automath  Just the basics in 3 levels
Skill in Arithmetic  This is a very complete course that is broken down for easy understanding
Math Stories 3-4  word problems
Math Stories 5-6  Word problems that are harder
Math Problem Solving  lots of free worksheets for practice
Figure This! Math Challenges for Families  problems with hints on how to do them
Maths File Game Show  Lots of fun games on a variety of levels (Needs Shockwave)
Change Maker  Practice!
Arithm  100 problem challenge (use the enter key)
AAA Math  activities on almost any topic check your understanding
Practice the Times Tables  Learning them does take practice.
Multiplication: An Adventure in Number Sense - many easy ways to help you learn
Multiplication Concentration   a fun way to check your knowledge of the basic facts
Farm Stand  See if you could be successful working there.
Multiplication Matching  Match the problem to the answer.
Multiplication  a concentration matching game
Long Division with Remainders  great explanation
Long Division  Helps you understand both decimals and remainders
All About Division facts, divisibility rules, explanations, and more
Math Baseball  Another way to check the basics
Mathletics  Learn how math is used in some of the sports.
Order of Operations  an easy-to-follow tutorial
Snap - Check your knowledge of eqivalent decimals and percents
Mastering Your Measurements  great concentration matching game
Smaller and Smaller - fun game to check your knowledge of decimal values
Tables, Circles, Bar Graphs and Circle Graphs  detailed lessons and quizzes
Grid Game  find the factors, multiples or? with three levels of difficulty
No Matter What Shape Your Fractions Are In  Helps give a visual understanding
Fraction Frenzy  find the equivalent fractions in the shortest amount of time
Building Fractions  the very basics
All About Fractions  information and activities to check understanding
Who Wants Pizza  A fun way to lean about fractions
Addition  take it one step at a time
Fraction Frenzy  a Shockwave game about equivalent fractions
Addition of Improper Fractions  good explanation from Dr. Math
Fractions: Elementary Questions  answers to many questions you may have
Compound Fractions  a good explanation
Canceling Fractions  a simple explanation
Equivalent Fractions  Game format from Quia
Fractions and Decimals  comprehensive site  lots of information and examples about decimals, fractions, and more
All About Fractions  information on just about everything one needs to know
Superkids Math Worksheet Creator: Fractions  for practice
Fresh Baked Fractions  Choose from four levels
Soccer Shootout - lots of levels of fraction practice
Fraction Frenzy  Match equivalent fractions before the time runs out.
Soccer Shootout  Practice your fraction or whole number skills in this game format.
Superkids Worksheet Creator: Fractions  for more practice
All About Decimals  information and activities to check understanding
All About Ratios  Graphic way to introduce the subject
Ted Builder  game with three levels where you put the numbers in order
Percent Conversions  Check your skill./b>
Power Football  decimal skills practice
Rounding  round to significant decimal and more
Purple Math  The preliminary topics section will really help.
Geometry Flashcards  Match the shape and its name.
Shape Surveyor  calculate area and perimeter
Graphing Geometry  another java-based concentration game
Lunar Rover - an interactive graphing activity
Planet Hop - graphing challenge with 3 levels of difficulty
Top Quark  game to practice using coordinates
Function machine  simple interactive practice
Ratios  easy interactive practice
What's the Point?  graphing with coordinate points
Order of Operations - explanations and problems
Operation Order  See how much you understand about the order of operations.
Mean, Median, and Mode  an easy to understand activity, fact sheet, and test from the BBC
Introduction to Statistics  Learn about range, mean, median, and mode
40 4th Grade Work Sheets  to help you practice and learn
Math Goodies  good explanations with visuals that really help
Beat the Calculator  lots of tips for doing mental math
Math in Daily Life  There are so many examples!
Mathletics  Learn a bit about math in sports.
Webmath - you can check your math or learn how to do all kinds of problems
Mathematics Models  great visualizations and models for many common topics
Superkids  Make your own practice sheets
Metric Conversion Tables  Good to have in case one forgets
Fish - an interactive probability game
Probability - lessons and problems
Late Delivery - can you find the right value ?

Fun Stuff

Math Mountain  many problem sets from which to choose
Puzzle Solvers at Cryptic Manor-- great test of logic from the people at NASA
BrainWave - Can you find the odd ones?
Brain Teasers  There is a new problem each week.
Dilly's Soda Switch - Be sure to think out a strategy when playing this logic game.
Maths Year 200: Games  practice your strategy
NRICH Primary Site  lots of different kinds of activities and a good archives to explore
Logic Patterns  Which one completes it?
Magic Squares   - Learn how they work, then try a few problems.
Mystery Math  The computer will pick your secret number.
Math Playground - lots of choices
The Fruit Game  Can you take the last piece?
Brain Teasers   - Keep the gray matter in shape.
Elementary Brain Teaser Contest - check back for weekly changes
Squares, Circles, and Triangles - This is a sequence exercise.
Visual Fractions  series of 20 Java-based applications use number lines to model fractions and operations
Train Race - check your knowledge about median and range in this exercise
Shape and Space in Geometry  Some of the problems are challenging.
Patterns in Mathematics - There are logic, number, and word pattern problems from which to choose.
Cyberchase- great games that challenge in many concept areas
Puzzler   - These problems can be deceptive.
Math Magic   - Check out the grade level challenges.
Shape and Space in Geometry  Although it is for teachers, anyone could enjoy and learn from the activities.
No Matter What Shape Your Fractions are In   - Great learning on all the attached pages too.
Polyominos   - Great for Dominos and Tetris fans.
Bathroom Tiles  Move bathroom tiles by rotating, reflecting, and translating the patterns.
Tessellations: Step by Step - just the basics
Enchanted Mind - Tangrams  interactive applets
Polygon Playground  Build designs and compare various polygons.
Tangram Story - Moving tangrams tell a story
Tessellations Explained - just the very basics
Rough Diamonds - tessellation examples drawn with Java applets  just about everything one needs to enjoy origami
Fantastic Fractals  This site makes them easy to understand.
Mirror Curves  beautiful symmetry in mathematical art
String Art - directions that are totally geometric for beautiful creations
Logo Art Gallery - procedures with Logo to make great string art-like pictures
Power Cards  Can you figure it out?
Number Puzzles  Printable and interactive puzzles on a variety of topics
The Fruit Game   - Learn the pattern and win.
Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars? - a millionaire type game, but no money is really won
Million $  Should you take the penny?
Fish Tank - a fun way to learn about probability
Escape from Knab  Learn about money management as you play the game.
Mankala  Use strategy as you play. Follow the directions.
Counter Pyramid  Can you turn the pyramid upside down?
Ken White's Coin Flipping Page  Check out the probability
Figure This  Many are applicable in developing mathematical reasoning.
Abacus   - The Chinese can do their work as fast as a calculator. Learn about this amazing ancient device.
Roxies  These really are not math puzzles, but they require some good thinking.


Conversion Tables  great help when you forget
Math in Ancient Egypt  great history with good visuals
The Abacus - learn how to use this great device
Animals Weigh In - check your understanding of metric weight equivalens to pounds and ounces
Statistics In Daily Life  good explanation, examples, and links
Ask Dr. Math  Answers to many questions are here.
The Math Forum    Full-featured site.
Mayan Math  They were quite skilled.
Temple Tally  Learn Egyptian math and solve problems.
Interactive Mathematics  virtual manipulatives just like the ones used in school
Learning LOGO  the basics
An Introduction to MSW Logo  an on-line book
LOGO Programming  a good introduction
Count Down - Find out how many seconds and minutes old you are.
Math in Daily Life  Learn how it affects so many decisions.
Virginia State Standards Practice Tests  check your skills

For more difficult math problems and information, check
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