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Earth Science Resources

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The Weather Dude   Weather information is designed for kids.
Make You Own Weather Station  directions from the Franklin Museum
Web Weather for Kids  Make your own lightning, tornado and more
Unysis Weather  various types of weather information
Weather: What Forces Affect Our Weather?  another great site from The Annenberg/CPB Project.
Interactive Weather  click on the state and city and learn
The Climate of the United States  information about all that is great for comparing
World Climate.Com  check average temperatures for thousands of cities worldwide
IWIN Center  real time information from the US National Weather Service
Interactive Climate Pages  Lots of information with the click on a map
Weather Underground  Check this list of many great resources.
Earth Watch  great visuals, forecasts, warnings, and more
Weather Resources  Links to all kinds of current imagery can be found.
Unisys Weather  You can see all kinds of different forecast maps and learn about them here.
On-line Meteorology Guide  Super instructional modules make this a "must see" place.
Make Your Own Weather Tools  Learn to make a rain guage, wind vane, barometer, compass, and hygrometer.
Climatic Extremes and Weather Events  lots of data and current information
Hurricane Science  Lots of information from the Miami Museum of Science
Hurricane 200  has a great map that includes sea surface temperatures
Just for Kids  a wonderful place to start
Hurricane Weather - track and find information
Movie Catalog  excellent video clips from NASA
The Tornado Project  Everything you need is here.
Tornadoes  a good learning module
Hurricane Weather - track and find information
Kids' Lightning Information and Safety   You need to know this.
Severe Weather Safety Guide - important to know
Cloud Boutique  Pictures, and explanations make it easy to identify the formations.
Clouds and Precipitation  Development, types and more
Bad Meteorology  Learn about common misunderstandings.
Historical Weather Database  Learn what is considered "normal."
Water Science  the cycle and much more
Global Climate Change  from the Exploratorium
Extreme Weather Sourcebook - lots of statistics about weather-related happenings

Geomysteries  Help Rex the Dinosaur solve interesting mysteries.
Earth Force   Learn about the pushing and pulling in the core, crust, or water of the Earth that causes motion like eruptions, quakes, or floods.
Continental Drift - Drag the slider to see how the continents were formed.
This Dynamic Earth - Very complete
Learning from the Fossil Record - lots of questions are answered
MTU Volcanoes Page - World Reference Map  This great map pinpoints the Earth's active volcanoes.
Cascades Volcano Observatory HOME PAGE  In addition to the usual information, this site has information about hazards, monitoring, and Mt. St. Helens.
How Hawaiian Volcanoes Work - Check out the awesome power.
Geysers and the Earth's Plumbing Systems  explanation with good visuals
Plate Tectonics  The visual presentation about the origin of earthquakes is great.
Earthquakes  lots of excellent information and activities from the Exploratorium
On The Move  learn about continental drift and plat tectonics from NASA
Earthquake Questions - simple to understand
Live Seismic Server  updated every 30 minutes by the USGS
New Madrid - lots of primary and other sources about this 1811-12 quake
Glaciers and Glacial Ages  It covers all the basics.
Glaciers  More information here.
Kids Door  Learn all about volcanoes.
Mount Everest - an accident of Geology  This is excellent. <
GeoMysteries  Use your knowlege and solve some mysteries.
Rocky the Rock Hound - learn how rocks were formed and have fun too
Rocks and Minerals - from The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Rocks and Minerals - from the Kentucky Geological Survey
Faultline - explore earthquakes

Water Science for Kids - a wealth of information - great multimedia, plus stories, information, and so much more!
Oceanography - a wealth of information on many topics can be found
Savage Seas - excellent information and multimedia in this PBS companion site
Extreme 2000: Voyage to the Deep - explore hydrothermal vents off Mexico
Savage Seas - be sure to scroll down and go learn from the excellent animations
Oceans Alive - great on-line exhibit from the Boston Museum of Science
Baltimore Aquarium  You will find good information on individual animals in their collection.
Oceanography  Office of Naval Research's Science and Technology Focus site is packed with diverse information
Voyage to the Deep  Learn about hydrothermal vents
ReefBase  Here is a great reef database.
Coral Reef Ecology  This is comprehensive coverage.
Coral Reef Fishes  Learn about diversity, feeding and endangered species.
Ocean Link  Keep up-to-date with important information here
Ocean Year - learn about what is going on in 1998, the Year of the Ocean
The Jason Project  Several times a year there are super expeditions.
The Cephalopod Pages  There is so much here.
Whale Times   Here is good introductory information
Whale Watcher - helps you to identify types of whales
Zoom Whales - This is a great place to start with lots of background information and printouts.
Swimming with Whales - lots of information is shared though the use of the Flash plug-in
Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary  Keep up to date here.
The Virtual Whale  3-D and more
Whale Net  Keep current and learn about these magnificent creatures.
Whale Watching Web  many and varied sources are linked
The Great White Shark  Great information and pictures
The Albatross Project - track the ocean going Albatross by satellite
Animal Information  Good starter source from Sea World.
Ocean Planet  There is just so much here that you must visit.
Oceans On Line  Current information, research, links and more make this an excellent site.
Sea Worm Institute  Grow your own virtual sea worms and learn a lot.
Carolina Coastal Science - get interactively involved in problem solving
Under Sea Research Photo Collection - great choices

Earth Observatory - All kinds of satellite imagery and information that NASA uses to assess the Earth changes.
Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment - Acid rain, global waring, climate change, and ozone depletion are just a few of the topics covered here.
Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures - this is a great interactive learning opportunity using the latest version of Flash
Recycle City - find out about the value of recycling
NASA Earth Observatory  Monitor global and regional changes almost as they happen
EPA Global Warming Site  Get the facts here.
EPA Student Center  A wide variety of topics are presented.
Environment and Nature News  Keep up to date.
Earth Science Enterprise: For Kids Only  Learn how NASA studies the Earth
International Year of the Ocean  Lots of information about ocean dwelling animals.
Water Conservation  Check out what is going on and how you can help.
Water Science for Schools  There is so much to learn here!
Acid Rain  Learn the facts and the effects
Energy Ed On-line  activities, information, and more
Renewable Energy Trail  investigate the possibilities and consequences
Environment Profile  Put in your zip code and see how your neighborhood is doing.

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