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Space and Astronomy Resources

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Windows to the Universe    This site has everything.
Astronomy 161  Sometimes difficult, but excellent visuals help with understanding.
The Nine Planets    Here is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge.
The Martian Sun Times - great site with lots of information, activities,and visuals
Here Comes the Sun - This is a self-guided tutorial on the sun and its effects on the environment.
Amazing Space - interactive exploration of light and more
Sunspots - information, photos, history, and more
Solar Eclipse - everything you need to know
Exploring the Sun_Earth Connection - excellent activities section and current information from the IMAGE Spacecraft
Eclipse Page - information and photos from the past
Planetary Photojournal  1190 images and growing
Astronaut Photography of the Earth  huge excellent collection from NASA
Space Kids  a wonderful resource from NASA
Earthviewer    Customize your look from space.
Spectra from Space    Great Educational Resources from NASA.
Astronomy Picture of the Day  great and with background too
Solar System Simulator    Here is a way cool way to learn.
AstroAdventure  interactive multimedia learning to help you search for and design a habitable planet
Solar system Exploration  a good resource about the planets from NASA
Mars Fun Zone  Learn a lot in an enjoyable format presented by NASA.
Moon Phases  There is a picture for each day of the month.
Moon Mania Resources  /good collection of pictures and information
CosmicQuest  an interactive study of astronomy and other cosmic phenomena at this site from the Children's Museum in Indianapolis
Surfing for Sunbeams  Answers to great questions
Space Weather    solar flare predictions and more
Star Child  Visit this learning place for young astronomers.
ittybitty science guide  great introduction to asteroids, meteors, tides, and all sorts of interesting topics
HubbleSite: Fun and Games  Learn about galaxies, comets, and more with these fun and informative activities.
Solar Eclipse  Fascinating information
The Science of Telling Time  The natural world offers other constants that can measure time.
Windows to the World - People  Here are all the important persons through time.
Why is the Sky Dark at Night?  Very interesting.
Skyview Cafe  Put in your location to check the stars that are overhead.
Star Watching from Earth and Sky  excellent guide on what to see and when to look
Night Patrol  Updated information helps you locate.
Astronomy for Kids  A good place to start.
Peoria Astronomical Society    Learn from this interactive handbook.
Small Telescope Astronomy    Learn about what can be viewed from home.
Amazing Space  Web based Activities to help you learn.
Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground  great activities about astronomy
Solar System Trading Cards  a fun way to check your knowledge

Visible Earth  an excellent searchable directory of NASA images of Earth from space
Space Kids  varied and excellent resources from NASA
Spacelink: Webcams  see what is happening live at NASA projects
Basics of Space Flight  This is a true learners workbook.
How Satellites Work  NASA shares the information
Where are the Satellites? - track everything with NASA
Topex/Poseidon - great site about one of the satellites helping us learn about the ocean
Space Available - learning from satellites has never been easier
Shuttle Web    Everything that is interesting and current
Today@NASA  Keep current.
Space Science Hotlist    You will find links to almost everything that is important.
Astronaut Biographies  provided by NASA
What is happening at Quest? - Here is a schedule of chats and real time on-line in formation from the experts
Space Shuttle Mission Patches - Which is your favorite?
Space Shuttle Components  Click on it and see and learn
The Space Shuttle  Click on or select a component of the Space Shuttle or topic to learn more about it. To Live and Work Aboard the Space Shuttle  answers almost all of the questions anyone might have
Apollo 8 Module  Take the tour from the Museum of Science and Industry
Space Academy  Learn what it takes to be involved with NASA.
International Space Station  this is a full featured site so plan to spend some time here.
International Space Station Activities  Designed for teachers, but you can use them for fun learning too..
Stationed in the Stars  a PBS companion site about the International Space Station
Ask a Physicist  And check answers to previous questions too.
Space Place - easy and enjoyable projects

Space Games and Simulations- a fun way to learn

Fun Quiz about the Planets  Choose your format.
Amazing Space  some are easy and others....
Space Place  Make Spacey Things, Do Spacey Things, and learn lots


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