4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources - homework helper and cybrary

Art and Music Resources

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Artist's Tool Kit - interactively learn about the important elements
Art Attacks - lots of great ideas from the TV show
Artroom Doorway - many neat projects here
This is a Series of Basic Art Lessons - There are lots of choices.
The Alphabet of Art - Learn about all the important elements.
Craft a Day for Kids - lots of good ideas. Some may require adult help.
100+ Goo Recipes - another source for homemade art material sorted by category
Bluebonnet Crafts - about a half dozen projects
Guess the Color - See how much you know?
Finger Painting  This is not the usual! They are beautiful.
Computer Craft's for Kids - easy and can be done with younger kids too
Crafty Visions - monthly craft ideas with a seasonal bent
Crayola Lessons - not just for teachers, everyone can learn
Crayons and Computers - some basic lessons
Kinder Art - not just for the younger set
Kids Rule - There are so many that fun and educational sites. Be sure to visit.
Drawbooks: Art School - Many step by step lessons on animal drawing.
Drawing Lessons - how to create items for a rain forest mural
Drawing in One Point Perspective - easy to follow
Basic Art Lessons - Get off to a great start here.
Learn How to Draw - step by step lessons in perspective, shading, and more
Learning How to Draw - great directions for teachers or anyone
Vision and Art - excellent tutorial about how visual perception is used and created in art
Home School Arts - lessons on lots of subjects
Eye Contact - explore how portraiture has changed with this Smithsonian site.
How to draw a Bear - from Jan Brett
Big Mike's Wacky World of Illustration - there is lots to learn and enjoy
Learn How To Draw With Gary Harbo! - Each month there is a new lesson.
Art Sparklers - a dozen ideas with directions
@rtrageous thinking - lots of great ideas
Crayons and Computers - good ideas and inspirations
Colored Pencil Technique - Learn to draw and color a beautiful flower.
The Color Pencil Challenge  great lessons and examples
Bembo's Zoo  Flash animated letters that take the name of an animal and make a picture.
How to Draw an Mouse and an Owl - just start with an oval
Blue Boy - pattern for making a basic mouth and rod puppet
Artsonia  Lots of varied projects to serve as your inspiration
Nina - draw beautiful spirograph-like designs which can be saved or printed
Color, Contrast, and Dimension - a look at the psychology of design
ArtEdventures - fun game format to learn about color theory
Art Workshop - Create an animated show.
Make Paper - learn how
Vision and Art - an excellent tutorial
Tammy Yee's Oragami Page - good entry level ideas and other easy crafts
Paper Folding Project - step by step instructions
Preparing Handmade Paper - step-by-step directions
Balloon Animal Instructions - fun to make
Create You Own Sculpture - Click, drag, color, and build your own 3-D object

Out of the World Design: Industrial Design for Aliens  Learn about industrial design and help them design a product in this interactive learning activity.
SmART Kids - great way to learn the basics from the Smart Museum
NGA Kids - Learn a lot through the activities associated with some of their pictures.
The Louvre - a great museum
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - explore and Learn - a great and fun learning experience for kids of all ages
Art in the White House - check out these treasures
SegPlay - on-line pictures, many from great artists, to digitally color
The National Gallery of Art - tour this great collection Museum of Art - comprehensive - check the artchive
ArtsConnectEd tours, lessons, and more from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
AtryFacts - explore great works
The Ateneum for Children - learn about emotion in art from the works of Finnish artists
Learn On-line - interactive learning from the Seattle Art Museum
Inside Art - an interactive and fun way to learn about Van Gogh
The Case of Grandpa's Painting - can you identify it?
Alexander Calder - on-line exhibition
The On-line Picasso Project - great site from Texas A & M

Light Sculpture Computer Art - beautiful

Printable Staff Paper - Choose what you need to write your masterpiece.
Pianomouse - Can you name the notes for this game?
SFSKIDS - educational and fun site from the San Francisco Orchestra
The San Francisco Symphony's Kids Site - all the basics are here
Play Music - Learn all about the instruments of the orchestra.
History in Song  songs divided by US history era
Historic American Sheet Music - songs from the 1850's to the 1920's from the Duke University Collection
Easy Music Theory - check out the basics
Maine Music box - A digitized collection of rare, unique, and historically important tunes maany of which are in midi format
Music Education at Datadragon - listen, learn to read it, on this day in music history, and more
Play Music - listen, read, and play games to learn about the instruments in an orchestra
The Four Hole Ocarina - learn to play lots of tunes
Guitar.Net - lots of chords here
mrfiddle Home Page - for those getting started
Drum Lessons Database - a good refresher after a lesson or as a review
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - great place to visit
Oldies Music - from the 50's through 70's
Classical Music Page - comprehensive and searchable
Beethoven's Baseball - test you knowledge about composers
Popular Tunes in American History - listen and read the lyrics to songs listed by time period
National Anthems - small but good collection
National Anthems Flag Facts of the World
Music Search - a search engine just for music
Music Clipart Galore - lots of great images for reports

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