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Searching for clip art sources?
Visit  Pics4Learning  for copyright friendly images.

30,000 excellent copyright free images from print media from the New York Public Library   Picture Collection.

For images that relate to all the basic subject areas, visit Clip Art Art Gallery  from the Discovery channel.

Another great choice is the UC Berkeley Digital Library Photo Collection  which has lots of animals and scenes.

This one will give you great travel and animal photos. FreeFoto.Com

Images Collections is from the University of Washington Digital collection.

The American Memory Collection is an excellent photo archive of the Smithsonian.

More great animals images are here: Pictures/Images from the US Fish and Wildlife Service/

If you need pictures of plants and trees, do not miss Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery

NASA Planetary Photojournal has great pictures for space related reports and studies.

NASA Multimedia Gallery is a huge collection of all kinds of images from NASA.
Great Images in NASA - large and well organized collection of quality images

Dinosaur Illustrations is a full featured and interesting resource to explore.

If you need weather pictures, then the NOAA Photo Library is the place to look.
Animal Picture Archive - large public domain collection that includes basic facts about each
Classroom clipart has great quality pictures on a wide variety of topics.

Be sure to give credit for the pictures and all information you use.
To learn how, check Language Resources.
or visit Noodlebib, an on-line too for creating bibliographies

If you are having trouble find the information that you need, try visiting Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial  This is a good place to sit down with an adult and really learn.

    You might enjoy visiting the sites that also have excellent links to information.

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Comcast On-line Schoolyard


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