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Language Arts Resources

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Children's Literature Site   - Find great reviews.
Hooty Owl's Stories to Grow By fun to read sometimes with a lesson
Reader's Theater Editions - 20 to share
Reader's Theater Scripts - many choices
Reader's Theater Scripts - written by high school students and available in PFD format
Read Across Texas - several scripts on Western themes
Animals, Myths, and Legends - just enjoy
The Yellow Fairy book - written in 1894
The Red Fairy Book - written in 1890
Beauty and the Beast  There are 13 different tales on the same subject here.
Orign of Nursery Rhymes  They were roiginally political
Stories to Tell Children - These would be great to share.
American Folklore - many tales that are well categorized
Scottish Fairy Tales - enjoyable tales that help you understand the culture
Stories to Read and Tell - China - several from which to choose
Norwegian Folk Tales - about two dozen choices
More Jataka Tales - Tales from India
Afro-American Folk Tales - many from which to choose
Legends - really great tales
Maori Pakiwaitera - legends from New Zealand
Africa for Kids - a Swahili Folktale
Amazon Tales  Stories from S. America
Raven and Crow  This is not for the birds.
Bats: Folklore Stories  from many regions
Good Stories for Great Holidays _ many great old stories from the University of Virginia e-text collections
The Blue Fairy Book - This is the e-version of the great book of tales.
Poet's Page  poems on lots of subjects
The Twelve Months - a Slavic Cinderella story
Snow White   examine the story in different versions and ways
Hans Christian Anderson: Fairy Tales and Stories  Over 125 from which to choose
Native American Lore Index  Over 130 stories are linked to this site
The Spirit of Trees  folktales involving trees
Poetry for Upper Elementary Students  About fifty great poems

Word Central - Keep the good vocabulary growth going here.
English Basics - free worksheets for review
Grammar Gorillas  Check your understanding of the parts of speech.
Grammar Bytes  rules, exercises, explanations
Common Errors in English  Check to see if you are error free.
Poetry Forge  great ideas and tools to use to enjoy and create your own
Create Your Own Scenario - Write your story and have it animated here.
Vocabulary  learn and enjoy the activities
The Five Paragraph Essay - everything you need to write an excellent essay as well as practice prompts
Young Author's Workshop - Go over the basics of good writing here.
Graphic Organizer Links - there are lots of different kinds here.
Literature  Read along and learn what makes a good short story.
Haiku  good explanations with examples so you can write your best poem
Sausage Poems  chained fun
Diamante  seven line descriptive poems
Book Report Form
Book Report Form
Book Report Form

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