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General Science Resources

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Hand-On Activities  fun learning from the Exploratorium
Beakman and Jax   lots of show related information
Science Toys   You can make these to learn and demonstrate principles.
Try Science  Go to the Experiment section for lots of choices.
You Can with Beakman and Jax Experiments  Here is a great extension of the show.
The Laboratory  many fun and simple experiments
DragonFly TV  simple experiments
Abracadabra  more fun experiments using the magic of science
Science Toys  lots of things to make from which you can learn
Newton's Apple - experiments, guides,and questions
Science Bob -Visit the laboratory and find lots of good experiments
The Mad Scientists Network  There are so many links.
Reeko's Mad Scientists Lab - fun things to do
CHEM4KIDS  This site almost makes chemistry easy.
alien Juice Bar  test for acids and bases
Periodic Table - in comic form
Explore Science  Involve yourself with interactive learning with Shockwave.
Mixtures  check your understanding with this interactive activity
Science Explorer  Simple and fun.
Science Playwiths  lots of activities on many topics that are fun and informative
Kids Did this in Science  tons of things from the Franklin Institute
Whelmers  science projects that are fun and easy
Zoom Too  fun printable activity pages
A Moment of Silence - excellent things to do explained with the use of Real Audio
Home Experiments - ten fun things to do with good explanations
The Science Explorer  good ideas from the Exploratorium
Home Experiments  fun things to do with your family
YES Mag Projects  lots of great and diverse things to do
Fun Science Gallery  Simple experiments can be fun.
Science Playwiths  man varied fun experiences from which to learn
Projects  lots of great ones here
Oatbox Crystal Radio Project  Learn to build one of the earliest types.
Experiments: After Dinner Fun  A few good ones.
Backyard Experiments  fun things for the outdoors at home or school
Science Try-its  Find fun experiments from Newton's Apple
Thinking Fountain  The yellow balls indicate experiments, but don't stop there.
Exhibits  Check out these interactive exhibits, and check out those eyes.
Candle and Soapmaking    Be careful and do these with an adult.
Science Experiments You Can do At Home  about a half dozen
Vortex  helps to understand a tornado
Bunsen Bob's Science Hunt  Great information and links to help with science fair projects and ideas
The Electric Origami Shop - grow crystals, try the puzzle, learn about fractals, and more
Snacks On-line  Great demonstrations you can easily do from the Exploratorium
Whelmers  great fun while learning >
The Science of Cooking  eggs, pickles, candy, etc. Explore them all.

Fun Physics and Information

Real Time Experiments Experiments about various physics topics that you can do on your compute or with simple materials at home.
Mass and Weight - good interactive experiment to observe and graph
Animated Engines - see and learn how many types work
Simple Machines  great animated interactive learning
First Flight  Visit this interactive site about Wright Brothers flight.
Beginners Guide to Aerodynamics  background information on basic aerodynamics
Principles of Aeronautics - mythology, sports, animals, and man-made vehicles are covered
Air Foil Simulator - NASA makes it easy to understand
Floating and Sinking - easy to follow and fun too
Kites and Kite Flying   This site has even more about the subject.
Kite Making Plans lots and lots of plans - some are unique or complex
Japanese Kites  great pictures and plans
Spacelink: Rockets  great things that you can build from NASA
Sport! Science  Hockey and biking are just two of the choices.
Sandlot Science - Optical Illusions  Illusions, projects, puzzles, and games
CSE Light Tour  learn about the mysteries of light in an easy-to-understand way.
The Science of Light  This site makes everything easy to understand with examples and activities.
Activities for Light and Optics - great way to learn
The Magic Factory  Fun interactive activities that teach you about light as a principle of photography
Bob Miller's Light Walk  It is amazing what you can learn when you know where to look.
Fading Dot Illusion  Stare and make it go away.
On Line Exhibits: Seeing Exhibits  great illusions from the Exploratorium
The A.T.O.M.S. Family   about energy, matter, and light
Atoms, Elements, Mixtures, and Compounds  a great place to start
Proton Don  Check your knowledge of the periodic table the fun way.
Fear of Physics - simple animations and explanations
The Science of Hockey  another great site from the Exploratorium
Theater of Electricity   Discover great information of the Van de Graaf generator and the Tesla coil.
Edison's Miracle of Light  Be sure to visit the special; features section of great animated explanations
Exploratorium Science Snacks About Electricity  fun demonstrations to create and explore
Energy Quest  good information on many kinds and experiments too
Electric Fleas  A neat science snack demonstration
Simple Machines  Be sure to check the extra information too.
Gadget Anatomy  Check your knowledge of simple machines.
Simple Machines  Learn about levers and incline planes at this BrainBop site.
Simple Machines  There are lots of links here to explore.
Animated Engines  Learn about them and see how they work.
The Bubblesphere  All sorts of interesting math and science about bubbles can be learned.
Bubbles  Lots of information
Bubble Town  background, techniques, and experiments
Water Rockets  Lots of information to help you build your own
Investigating Water Rockets  This is a teacher's guide with a lot of worth while information.
Folk Toys  great motion toys that are neat science experiments
Funderstanding: Coaster  use the principles of physics to build a roller coaster (Java required)
You Try It - part of the Science Odyssey site
Why Files  Updated and interesting if you like answers to neat questions.
Kids Corner  Be sure to check the question archives
Sounds Like Science  the National Public Radio show scripts
Structures  great ideas to build and test
The Science of Cycling  about the whys and hows of bicycling.

Invention and Inventors

Learn What it Takes to Become an Inventor - It is not easy.
How Stuff Works - a great place to come to learn about how things work in the world around you
National Inventors Hall of Fame Index of Inventions - from "a" to "z" it is easy to find what you want
Dick Reiman's Historical Articles - another great site for starting research
Smithsonian Inventors and Invention - great resource
The National Inventor's Hall of Fame - links to excellent information
Inventors and Inventions for K-12 background about some of the greatest
Concoctions and Inventions - there is a "ton" of fun and informative "stuff" here.
Make a Balloon Powered Nano Rover -be creative and have fun

Inventure Minutes - listen with Real Audio to the 60 second biographies
Inventor's Workshop - a look into the genius of Leondardo
The Lemelson Center - do not miss the "Center Piece" section for virtual exhibits
Spotlight Biography: Inventors - a handful of American's greats
The Solar Powered Cell - a great advance if you live in the right place
The Invention of the Pencil - Where would we be without this little gem?
Smithsonian Inventors and Invention - great resource
The Age of Industry - a huge hyper-linked time site that is easy to use

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Be sure to do experiments with the permission and supervision of an adult.