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The American Revolution

Liberty's Kids  Find out what it was like to live back then and much more at this PBS site.
A Users Guide to the Declaration of Independence - primary source materials and background information provide great insights
Charters of Freedom  from the National Archives and Records Administration
Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents  great information from the Library of Congress
American Revolution Homepage  Great hyperlinked time line
Time Line - American During the Age of Revolution   Helps to keep things straight.

Welcome to Archiving Early America   Great site with primary sources and more.
The American Revolutionary War  Information and artifacts presented by the National Park Service Museum
Patriot Resources  links to a wide variety of sources and topics

The Boston Tea Party - an eyewitness account
The Boston Massacre - information about the two most important pictures
Boston Massacre - many primary sources
A Shot Heard Round the World  Listen and watch this multimedia presentation
Little Known Facts of the American Revolution - interesting information from Delaware
Spy Letters of the American Revolution  Be sure to examine the whole site for much interesting information.
Flags of the American Revolution  visuals with great background information
Folk Music of the American Revolution - listen
Early American Digital Images  primary source portraits, battle information, documents, ads, and much more

Battles of the American Revolution - Learn about the casualties and much more about the battle
Military Campaign Maps - helps when you can visualize

King George III  From Britannica
Famous Moments in Early American History  biographies and more
Betsy Ross Home Page  Find out about her life, her home, and other interesting things.
Paul Revere  enjoy and learn from this multimedia presentation
Molly Pitcher  a super multimedia presentation
The World of Benjamin Franklin   He was fascinating.
The Electric Franklin  his autobiography, about the kite experiment, and just about everything one would like to know about this remarkable man
The Life of George Washington  a 35 minute, three part, Flash movie
Mount Vernon    Take a tour and try to find the secret passage, find biographical information, and more here.
A Day in the Life of Thomas Jefferson    Check out a typical day for this early riser.
Thomas Jefferson   Lots of interesting information
Benedict Arnold  Hero and traitor.
Women and the American Revolution  Three are presented here.
Amazing Women in War and Peace  good but brief information
The True Story of Paul Revere's Ride - there was much more than the poem included
Who Served Here?  Learn about a few people who were at Valley Forge.
From the Diary of Abligence Waldo, surgeon at Valley Forge - December 6 -22, 1777
The Diary of Ebenezar Denny, 1781 - events leading up the the surrender at Yorktown
Famous Obits  read the actual obituaries

Fort McHenry    Take a virtual Tour
The Philadelphia Campaign: 1777  These battles were the road to Valley Forge
Historic Valey Forge  After enduing a horrible winter, a new army emerged.
Named Battles of the Revolutionary War - background and interesting facts

Early American History Interactive Crossword Puzzle  play on line or print it out

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