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United States History Resources

The Civil War

Civil War@Smithsonian  huge collection of information and visuals
This Week in the Civil War - capsule of anniversary events
Letters from the Civil War    Look through this great collection.
VMI Archives  Letters from cadets who were in the war.
Civil War Collections  excellent primary resources from Virginia Tech
The Follett Letters  extensive collection that includes letters about the battle of Vicksburg
The Civil War In Florida: Letters of a New Hampshire Soldier  many pictures and good information on an area often overlooked
Eyewitness - documented accounts of various events
Broadsides  lots of one page advertisements from the Civil War Era and Beyond from the Library of Congress
Eye of the Storm  the journals and watercolors of Union Private Knox Sneden
Wartime Spies  discusses the efforts and successes of the Pinkerton Agency
The Battle of Prairie Grove - primary sources about this Arkansas battle
The Battle of Stone's River - primary sources about one of the more bloody battles
Civil War Women    Documents from females of the period
Women - links to site with primary information and mreo
Gardner's Photograpohic Sketchbook   actual photo's and information
Illinois in the Civil War    There are lists, places, famous people etc. linked here.
Museum of the Confederacy    Extensive information makes this interesting
Beyond Face Value  images of slavery on some Confederate currency
Civil War Maps  understand what the generals saw when they planned.
Civil War Home Page: Battles - short information with primary sources support
Official Records of the Civil War Navies  They are from both sides.
Underground Railroad  Here are links to its history in Rochester, NY.
Harriet Tubman  an excellent presentation
Harriet Tubman  Find out about this famous "conductor".
Abraham Lincoln - lots of interesting facts to explore
The Lincoln Conspiracy Trial - many primary sources
Abraham Lincoln Research Site  Links to interesting information
The History Place Presents Abraham Lincoln  great hyperlinked time line of Lincoln information
Copy Right Free Images of Lincoln  good for reports
Wet with Blood  Learn about the analysis of Mary Todd Lincoln's cloak
Civil War Songs  midi and verses of some of the songs of the era
Civil War Clip Art Gallery  Good for reports.
Confederate Clipart Gallery  excellent color collection
Images of the Civil War  well-organized huge collection

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