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United States History Resources

The Colonies

Thirteen Originals - many fine primary sources and more
Rare Maps - Colonial America  the authentic maps are in Spanish
Early Colonial Era  a time line of important events
Map Collection: Colonial America   from the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Colonial Charters, Grants, and Related Documents  lots of primary sources
Roanoke  This is a brief chronicle.
Establishment of a Colony  about Roanoke
Virginia's Indians  Learn about them in the past and present.
A Short History of Jamestown  This is part of the rediscovery project.
Virtual Jamestown - a great source of information
Jamestown Rediscovery - learn about the history and archaeology of the site.
Jamestown On-line Adventure - How well could you have done if you were one of the colonists?">Virtual Jamestown   Lots of primary resources
The Real Pocahontas    Get to know this much fictionalized person.

Mayflower Web Page    Ship Lists and interesting information make this a complete source
The Mayflower  Good information and great links.
Mayflower Families  written in newspaper style and full of information
What Do We Know About the People on the Mayflower?  Find out about the hardships and more.
Pilgrim Fact Cards - a mix of the basic and interesting
Pilgrim Clothing - It was not just black and white.
Pilgrim Hall - Do not forget to check out "Beyond the Pilgrim's Story."
Mourt's Relation  Written between November 1620 and November 1621
Stormfax: Winter 1620-'21  What was it like?
Thanksgiving  Learn about it in many ways..

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project  court records, Colony laws, biographical profiles, probate inventories, wills, and more
eyond the Pilgrim Story of special interst are the biographical enteries and will inventories
A Virtual Tour of Plymouth Plantation  Another good source.
The Plymouth Colony Archive Project  court record, wills, biographies, inventories and more make history come alive through primary sources
Early Plymouth Letters - from some of the early inhabitants
Plymouth on the Web  great resource
Wampanoag  find out about the tribe that the Pilgrims met.

Guide to Historic Virginia    Take a look back into the past.
Life in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia    Find out about this colony and its people.

The American Colonies    There is information on all.
Yankee Slavery  Background about Salvery in Saelem that is not awlys considered.
Plantation  ignificant slavery existed in New England
Africans in America  a PBS companion site
The Slave Trade  many accounts available
Africans in America: Part 1  great primary sources from PBS
Fort Morse: Free African Settlement - 1738 settlement for slaves from Carolina
Census Data for 1790 There are so many things that you can check here including the number of slave holding families in each state.
Immigration and the 13 Colonies  Who came from where?
The American Century  approximately 1,800 objects and transcribed document pages" illustrating New England and Massachusetts history
Penn and the Indians  good background information
Pennsylvania History: The Quaker Province  early history
Delaware, a Brief History  background information on early colonial times
OLD STURBRIDGE VILLAGE    Check into their everyday lives.
Colonial Albany - a brief look back
Within These Walls - an interactive site from the Smithsonian that requires good, observation skills
William Penn  a good place to get background
Castilliode San Marcus - Take the virtual tour of the oldest European fort in the United States built in 1672
Salem Witch Trials  primary sources
Salem Witch Trials  Many primary sources
Time Line of the Early Colonial Era - history is much easier to understand when you see events in order
The Old Timer's Page  Learn how they did things in the 1700's and 1800's.
The Virginia Reel  Learn to do this popular dance.
Colonial Currency  good background and visuals
Gallery of Early American Portraits - check them out
Colonial Soap Making, Its history and Techniques
Colonial Food  recipes from Williamsburg
Of Pen and Ink  learn how to make ink colonial style
The Adventures of Col. Daniel Boone ...  This is the 1784 autobiography.
Maps  of the colonies, revolution, and more

For additional resources about the American colonies, click here.


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