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United States History Resources

The Move West

Territorial Expansion 1775 -1920  Many maps show the growth.
David Rusmey Historical Map Collection - hundreds of old maps primarily from the 18th and 19th centuries
The Louisiana Purchase  It inspired many to go west.
Drawing the Western Frontier  an album by James Taylor with primary source photos etc.
Historic Fort Snelling  Take the virtual tour o this 1820's Minnesota fort
At home in the Heartland - great interactive exhibit
The History of the Northwest Coast  Explorers and events are here.
Davy Crockett  The complete text of the 1874 book by John Abbott
The Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boone  Three excellent chapters
Mountain Men and the Fur Trade  There are many fine primary sources here.
Exploring the West from Monticello    Here is an exhibit of maps and instruments used.
Lewis and Clark  from Time
Lewis and Clark  from PBS
Lewis and Clark   a nineteen part record including many sidelights of the journey
Facts and Features  lots of information from the Census bureau about the area at the time of the Lousiana Purchase
Map Library  links to many primary source maps of the trail and west
Fish and Wildlife on the Oregon Trail  check out this illustrated primary source
Historical Gazette  interesting format with good information
Diary of Mrs. Julia Newton Wood - 1853  interesting insights from a women's point of view
James Beckwourth - Learn about him and the Beckwourth Trail
Three Island Crossing  the difficulties of crossing the Snake River
Packin the Wagon  Learn what they needed.
Prairie Schooners  Check out the history or the wagon. In fact, the rest of the site is excellent too.
The Donner Party  background and primary source material
Historical Maps  See the expansion of the west in period maps.
Women of the West  varied and interesting links
Sam Houston  background biography
The Discovery of Gold  This is a good starting place.
Sherman and the Gold Rush  First hand accounts are good.
California's Untold Stories of the Gold Rush  much good information from the Oakland Museum
Land of Golden Dreams  Web presentation of the Huntington Library's remarkable collection of Gold Rush manuscripts, drawings, and rare printed materials
The Land of Glittering Dreams  Primary sources letters and photos that are excellent
The Gold Rush  This is another good site from PBS.
The Gold Rush  another good source about the rush to California
Stories From the Gold Rush  good primary resources and more
Chinese Goldrush  This was the time of the huge migration to the US.
Klondike Gold Rush: Documents Index  149 interesting primary sources
The Donner Party   background information
The Alamo - lots of detailed information
Alamo de Parras  excellent and wide ranging information about everything related to the Alamo
The Trail of Tears  excellent primary sources are included
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum   Photographs, engravings, maps, and documents illustrating the history of the first transcontinental railroad
Westward by Sea  a maritime perspective that includes articles, letters, diaries, and more

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