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United States History Resources: Native Americans

Native Americans of the United States

Anasazi  This is good basic information.
Prehistoric Peoples of the Desert Southwest  an excellent starter site
Anasazi  You can find many links to history and pictures.
Chaco Canyon Tour  Fine photos and information plus a Quicktime virtual tour that should not be missed. Leave your mouse button down and view the panoramas.
Anaszi Spirit  Learn about symbolism and much more
Anasazi  Excellent pictures and more about the ruins in Southern Utah can be found here
Why Did the Anasazi Abandon their Cities? - this is a theory
Virtual Reality Native American Archaeology - wonderful pueblo views, some of which you can manipulate thanks to QuickTime
Archaeology: Native People of Tennessee - search through the site for good information and visuals from the McClung Museum
Windover History  These were Florida's early inhabitants.
Hovenweep - wonderful photo background
Sipapu - The Anasazi Emergence into the Cyber World  superior graphics and information
Kin TI'iish  take a 3-D trip into this virtual reconstruction of a Chaco branch of the Anasazi culture great house
Mississippian Mound Builders  fine visuals enhance the information
Lousiana Prehistory  good introduction to one of the oldest cultures in the USA whic predates the pyramids.
Native American Adventure   The first people in this country had a most impressive past.
The Original Native American People  Learn about tribes, treaties, battles, and more.
Compact History - many tribes by area are represented
Iroquois village - exhibit from the New York State Museum
Luxton Museum of the Plains Indian - comprehensive information
Links to the Plains Indians - a diverse and interesting assortment from which to choose
Abenaki History - from New England
Early Virginia Indians  Good background.
Mississippian Artifacts  photos and information about the mound builders
Archaeology of the Iroquoian Longhouse - explore the house and the village
The Unconquered Seminoles - good background
Hopi: The Corn People - especially interesting are the petroglyphs
First American Art -beautiful collection of early artifacts
National Museum of the American Indian - From the Smithsonian
Native American Arts and Crafts - photos by tribe or area
Kiowa Drawings  maintained by the Smithsonian
Kids Only  excellent site about Texas Indians
Clothing  Learn what was worn by tribes in 39 regions
Cornhusk  Learn about the agriculture and the great things that were made.
NativeTech  all about their technology and crafts with great pictures
Against the Winds  Native American running traditions
First Nations  interesting and compact
Jeffery Amherst and Smallpox  Smallpox killed many Native Americans
Turtle Tracks - a free newsletter that features Native American History, a research area, and more

Native Americans Stories and Legends

Traditional Story Telling   a "great place to start"
Native American Lore Index  links to 50 stories from various tribes
Folktales of the Sioux
Native American Lore Index  Over 130 stories are linked to this site
Indian Why Stories  excellent and varied collection from many tribes
Indians!  a small but good collection of stories
Myths and Legends of the Sioux
Nataive American Storeis and Culture  goold collection of stories and information from the YMCA
Legends - a small but excellent collection
Old Indian Legends  Stories about Iktomi and others.

Native Americans of Mexico and South America

Mystery of the Maya  Here is a good place to start.
Maya Adventure  The Science Museum of Minnesota presents information, images, and activities.
Journey Through Tika  great Quicktime visuals enhance learning
Mundo Maya - maps, photos, research, and more in both English and Spanish
MesoAmerican Photo Archives  beautiful photos and good descriptions and links
Mayan Hieroglyphic Writing  Learn about them and write your name in glyphs
Talking Mayan Hieroglyphic Syllabary  There is so much to learn and explore.
Mayan Date Calculator  This calculator uses the long count.
Maya Math  Learn the basics here.
Put the Pot Back Together  a Shockwave puzzle
Play Bul  Learn and play this game of chance.
Mayan Architecture: The Ordinary Folk  Learn how the average Maya person lived.
Play Bul, A Mayan Game of Chance  Be sure you understand the rules.
Classic Mayan Beauty Tips  Be glad that you were not one of them.
Empires of Mystery   about the Inca Empire from Florida International Museum
The Aztec Calendar  find out today's date

Native American Clipart

Native American Clipart  Great for reports
North American Indian Clipart  30 superior images
Native American Clipart  33 images
Native American Clipart 2     more fine individual images
Native American Clipart 4  individual Native American artifacts
Conquest Images for School Reports  in black and white
ArtNatAm  Visit the image catalog and check the copyright and use rules before using them


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